Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Purple Class

A good first week

Hello Purple Class,

I just wanted to write you a little well done letter as you all did brilliantly settling in to the new classroom and new lessons. I was particularly impressed with your history learning this week and you interpreted many different historical sources to find out what life was like back in the Victorian era. It won't be long before mums, dads and visitors will get a little look at your fabulous learning on Open Evening.

Don't forget the Victorian visit later this term too. I have been to have a sneaky look and plan some great learning for you and I think you'll love it. It would be really lovely if we could travel back in time and dress up as real Victorians too. It will make the day even more exciting. Have a think about a simple costume you might wear. Perhaps you could do a little bit of research with a grown up to find out more.

On Friday you will have brought home a class newsletter and homework sheet. I wrote the Forest School days on there and lots of other helpful information too. Why not have a try at a homework activity this weekend? You can hand in your green homework book on Monday.

That's all for now,

Miss Kuriger, Mabel and Peggy