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Blue Class

Happy Half Term Blue Class

Hello Blue Class,

Well done for an excellent first half term in Year 4. You have worked very hard and are setting a great example to the rest of the school. Learning about 'The Anglo Saxons' followed by 'Planet Earth' have been enjoyable topics and it ended in style with your fantastic family assembly. We were very proud of you during your performance and it was lovely to see how much you've grown in confidence and what super learners you are. Your grown ups were certainly blown away by how much you've learned in just one half term!

Have a lovely half term break with lots of rest and play. If you are able to find some time to work on your targets we sent home last week, that would be great. When we return to school, our new topic is 'Best Books' where we'll be sharing a tale from a snowy land and developing your Science and Geography skills further.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th November when we will tell you about our new exciting project.

Love from Miss Townsend and Miss Kuriger xxx

New Year 5s

Hello New Year 5s!

We hope you have had a lovely summer and a well-earned rest after all of your hard work during our very busy summer term in Blue Class. It's nearly time for your new school adventure to start and we imagine you've had fun choosing your new stationery, trying on your new uniform and packing your new bag. Starting a new school is exciting but it is also normal if you are feeling nervous. As soon as you've been there for a day or two, made some new friends and know where everything is, you will feel happy and settled.

Please remember all of those values we have taught you at Blackwell...being respectful and kind, always trying your best, being responsible and making good choices...and have lots of fun along the way.

We would love to know how you are getting on so pop back in to see us after school to say hello if you can.

Lots of love,

from everyone at BFS xxx


Blue Class 2023

Hello Blue Class,

We hope you are enjoying your summer break and have had a good rest and are feeling ready and raring to go for a new school year. We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Wednesday where we have lots of exciting learning ready for you starting with an 'Anglo-Saxons' topic. The Anglo-Saxon chess pieces you created during your transition session are proudly displayed in your new classroom ready for you to see and we've got lots of special Year 4 activities and roles to tell you about too.

Enjoy the last few days of the holiday. After all of the rest and play you've had and to get your brain ready for learning, it would be a good idea to do some reading and check you still know those times table facts you learned last year over the next few days. You might even want to investigate a little bit about the Anglo-Saxons too.

See you very soon.

Love from Miss Townsend, Miss Kuriger, Mr Chan and Mrs Taylor 

Happy Holidays and Thank you

Hello everyone,

What a great last day we've had in school today! I'm sure you'd agree that the children sang and retold their Malvern adventures brilliantly this morning, with confidence and smiles. It was lovely for the children to share their books with you, see photographs of Malvern and it was so nice to be able to chat to you all.

The children have been an absolute delight to teach with their hardworking, enthusiastic and friendly nature and we will miss them very much. They truly are a class we will remember fondly for a very long time. Please do pop in and see us and let us know how everyone is getting on.

Thank you so much for your generous gifts and kind words. We hope you have a good summer break and we'll look forward to seeing some of you at our holiday club.

Many thanks once again,

from Miss Townsend, Miss Kuriger and Mrs Gwilliam x

We've Returned...Safe, Happy And Very, VERY Tired!

Good evening everyone,

Well done Blue Class for a wonderful time on our residential. From trekking up the Worcestershire Beacon, to jumping off the King Swing and venturing into the 'Tunnel of Doom', we had an amazing time that we're sure we'll all remember for a very long time. 

All of the BFS adults were so proud of not only your determination and effort but of how kind and caring you were towards each other, particularly when those heights and dark spaces were a challenge. All of our leaders said they wish BFS could come every week because of your great manners, super listening skills, team work and smiles.

We imagine some of the children have been fast asleep for quite a while by now but we hope that when they are recharged and full of beans again, they will enjoy sharing their holiday tales with you. Thank you for making this trip possible and we're sure the children will be delighted that we can share the happy news that all of them can now make their own bed and their own lunch!

Have a restful weekend and please note, the children can have a week off homework to aid their recovery!!

Many thanks,

from The Malvern Team xxx

Happy Half Term Blue Class

Hello Everyone,

Very well done Blue Class for working so hard this half term during our 'Globe Trotters' and 'Happy and Healthy' topics. It has been fascinating learning where you developed your understanding of the wider world and its diversity and investigated aspirational people from near and far. Bell boating, learning how to dance around a maypole with friends from Astley Primary School and showcasing your new talents in front of an audience during our Coronation Arts exhibition, making picture books for Red Class, creating electrical circuits to light up your art work and enjoying a warm and wonderful sports' day were some of the main highlights. Phew... we'll all need a good rest next week.

Thank you to your grown ups at home for supporting you in so many ways this half term from encouraging quality homework each week, working on targets shared at parent consultations and for cheering you on particularly during the Year 4 grand finale race. Parental support is greatly appreciated and it makes such a difference to academic progress and learning behaviours.

Have a lovely half term and we hope this warm, sunny weather lasts for you. Keep enjoying lots of reading and times table games over the next few days too. Your times table fluency and accuracy have greatly improved as a result of lots of practise both at home and in school so keep going during the holiday so you'll be ready and raring to go for our special times table quiz during the first two weeks back. 

Have fun, keep safe and we'll see you after the half term break.

Love from Miss Townsend, Miss Kuriger and Mrs Gwilliam