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Red Class Friday Fanfare 01.03.24


Hello Red Class Families,

Fingers crossed the Red Class bug is setting sail out of the classroom! I know lots of parents have suffered too. For those still at home poorly, we wish you lots of love and a speedy recovery.

In Circle Time (Personal, Social, Health, Economic Education), we looked at healthy eating. We compared two lunchboxes made by Mrs Webb and identified healthy and unhealthy foods before talking about a balanced diet and that we are allowed treats in moderation too. The children then created their own healthy lunchbox using role play food and by drawing pictures.

In Maths, we introduced Mr Odd and Mrs Even who helped us to find odd and even numbers by looking for pairs. Miss Smith helped us to learn about ordinal numbers. Can you put your teddies in a line and find 1st, 2nd, 3rd? At parent consultations, I’ll be giving every child their own personal Maths target to help move their learning along.

We’ve completed Phonics assessments, this week. The single letter sounds are embedded as well as ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘ng’. There was varied success with digraphs such as ‘ai’, ‘oa’, ‘ar’ and ‘or’, so we’ll focus on these throughout the rest of the term. Again, I’ll issue a target at parent consultations to support early reading.

Running was the focus for PE. We talked about high knees and pumping our arms from hips to lips. I think we have a few sprinters ready for sport’s day! In History, we looked at boats and ships through time. For example, simple boats in Ancient Egyptian times to modern cruise ships complete with slides and swimming pools today.

We’ve managed all our reading sessions, this week, so we’ve sent home two books. Around 6 children didn’t have any books in their bag today. I’ve sent books home with all children, so please return any that are outstanding. All group reading books can be accessed as eBooks too.

Next week, I’ll be sending home appointment slips for parent consultations. If you need to change the day or time, please contact the school office.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx