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Red Class Friday Fanfare 02.02.24


Hello Red Class Families

Today, we waved goodbye to Mrs Birley. She was last seen heading to her car with a basket of Red Class treats including a Redmond Bear all of her own! We also visited St Catherine’s Church with Mrs Birley. Rev. Sheri gave us a guided tour and helped us to find out about our local church. Next week, we will make a photo board of our trip.

Phonics lessons introduced double letters, this week, including ‘bb’ in rabbit and ‘mm’ in hammer. In these words, two letters make one sound. We read longer words by chunking them, for example, sunset becomes s-u-n/s-e-t. We also looked at a new digraph and trigraph.

air – chair in the air

er – a bigger digger

We used the part/whole model for subtraction and there were some fantastic questions in the ‘Guess my Number’ game. Well done if you’ve played this game at home using the 100-square. Next week, we’ll be naming, making and talking about 3D shapes.

In RE (Religious Education) lessons, we talked about special places. The children named their own special places and then linked this to the church as a special temple for Christians. Next week, we will think about our trip to St Catherine’s Church and name, describe and talk about the purpose of some of the special things we found there.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx

P.S. Ask the children if they can remember Tony Chestnut (a song from music). If you sing, “Tony Chestnut knows I love him” and touch the body parts to match (toe, knee, chest, head (nut), nose, eye, heart), hopefully they might be able to give you a little performance.