Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Friday Fanfare 19.01.24


Hello Red Class Families,

In PE, we used different body parts to travel around the hall. There were lots of interesting ideas! Next week, we move on to rolls! In Phonics, we focused on ‘oo’ (moon), ‘oo’ (book), ‘ar’ (car) and ‘or’ (born). We used catchphrases to remember them.

oo – Zoom to the moon.

oo – Hook a book.

ar – March in the dark.

or – Born with a horn.

We also introduced three tricky words: was, you, they.

Handwriting lessons focused on ‘c’, ‘o’, ‘a’ and ‘d’ using the cursive script. Today, we created a flag using these letters as decoration and I was really pleased with the children’s effort and progress. In Maths, we continued our work on teen numbers and then moved on to counting in 2s. We used concrete apparatus, pictures and a song to help.

In Art lessons, we explored textiles. The children persevered to cut, stick and arrange different textiles in their art sketchbooks before learning how to dip dye a cotton square using food colouring. We’ll be using our skills, next week, to make props for our blockbuster film, ‘The Wind Blew’.

It was time for the children’s hearing tests, this week. Results can be accessed through the School Screener Parent Portal. When the children change learning partners and their carpet spaces, I will take this information into account.

New eBooks have been added. We swapped books for all children with books in their bags. If you’re missing a reading book, please return the previous books on Monday.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend,

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx