Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Red Class Friday Fanfare 20.10.23


Hello Red Class Families,

Thank you for attending parent consultations. It was lovely to celebrate the children’s progress. If we met via Zoom, you should find a mental maths progression sheet in your child’s book bag and their personalised target sheet. This is a long half term and the children have worked incredibly hard. Not long to go now before we can all enjoy a good rest.

This week, in Phonics, we revisited all phonemes/graphemes and practised our three tricky words: the, is, I. We used magnetic letters to spell CVC words (sit, sat, pat). During Write Dance lessons, we used circles and lazy eights to create a picture of an owl.

In Maths lessons, we explored length. At home, see if you can find two different socks and compare them. Is one sock shorter, longer or the same length as the other sock? Find 3 different types of pasta. Which piece is the longest piece?

In PE, we developed spatial awareness by practising movement skills within our ‘gateway’ (the space between 2 cones) and rolling a ball through the gateway to a partner.

As well as playing games to stay safe in the Forest, the children discovered different parts of a tree by collecting and sorting leaves, seeds and sticks.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. If you’re visiting the scarecrow trail, remember to look out for Betty and Harry.

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx