Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Friday Fanfare 13.01.23


Hello Red Class Families,

This week, the children discovered vowel digraphs ‘ai’ (rain), ‘ee’ (sheep), ‘oa’ (coat) and the trigraph ‘igh’ (light). We used catchphrases to remember them.

ai – tail in the rain

ee – sheep in a jeep

oa – soap that goat

igh – light in the night

Handwriting lessons focused on ‘c’, ‘o’ and ‘a’ using the cursive script. Handwriting packs were sent home on Thursday to support handwriting at home. We’re in the very early stages of writing so the children are still learning how to use the ‘round and back’ action. Next week, we will recap ‘c’, ‘o’ and ‘a’ and introduce ‘d’, ‘g’ and ‘q’ as they all start the same way.

In Maths, we used concrete apparatus to make some teen numbers (11, 12, 13 and 14). We talked about place value with teen numbers containing a ten and ones. We also used the ‘power of 5’ and ‘power of 10’ to make them quickly.

In Art lessons, we explored textiles. The children persevered to cut, stick and arrange different textiles in their art sketchbooks before learning how to dip dye a cotton square using food colouring. Our table runners are ready for afternoon tea!

Red Class Afternoon Tea

Hopefully, in your child’s bookbag, you will find an invitation to Red Class Afternoon Tea. As time is an abstract concept for little ones, the children have been asking me every day if it’s time for afternoon tea!

Each animal group will host their afternoon tea on the stated day and time in the School Room. We’ve invited one guest as the School Room is quite cosy! We also thought it would be nice for the children to have some 1 to 1 time with their special visitor! We’re hoping most children can keep to the day/time provided but we also understand some families may have commitments during the 1.40pm slot. Please just let me know and I will see what I can do. Please email the office if your visiting adult has any dietary requirements or allergies.

Next week, we’ll be taste-testing, designing and making finger sandwiches. So, another busy week for Red Class!

Best wishes,

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx