Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 18.11.22


Hello Red Class Families,

Thank you for donating to Children in Need. In assembly, we listened to the Children in Need choirs from around the UK and, at the start of the day, we watched a CBeebies story about Pudsey Bear to explain why we were raising money and wearing colourful socks and headbands.

In Phonics lessons, we explored the grapheme/phoneme correspondences for ‘z’, ‘qu’ and ‘ch’ and started work on plurals, helping the children to understand how to read a word with ‘s’ at the end to mean more than one. We looked at ‘ch’ as two letters making one sound. We used a catchphrase to help us to remember e.g. ‘Chew the cherries children’.

In Write Dance we started ‘The Train’. This Write Dance is all about developing flowing, curved loops called garlands and arcades. As well as learning the train dance, we also experimented with loops in shaving foam and across chalk boards and today we created a Write dance train (see the picture below). If you would like to draw a Write Dance train at home, just click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkvM-baoqZI&t=383s

Maths focused on addition this week. We recapped 1 more before finding out how to add two single digit numbers using concrete apparatus. We also discovered the ‘power of 5’ or ‘5 style’ to support quick counting and recognition of numbers. So, when we look at the Fabacus, we find 5 beads (without counting), pull them across and carry on counting in 1s. We can also use the ‘power of 5’ to make numbers by seeing the number in parts, for example, 8 as 5 and 3. This will really support mental recall of number bonds and help the children as they move through school.

The workshop has been open for a couple of weeks now. This week, I’ve seen a cupcake maker, a straw factory, a bird box and a mouse house! It’s lovely to see such imagination. During the year, we will learn to shape, join and decorate in the workshop and our models will evolve! This area of the classroom allows the children to plan, design and test ideas and it’s always a popular area. Thank you to all our families for supplying junk. To limit the number of creations returning home, we’ve asked the children to select one model each week and this will be sent home on Fridays. This will allow the children to return to their model, evaluate their work and make changes during the week.

In PSHE, we looked at keeping safe in school. We talked about the importance of rules and following our class rules: good listening, following instructions, tidying, sharing and kind hands. By following our class rules, we can keep everyone safe. Later on, we talked about people who keep us safe at school. The children were able to name myself, Mrs Edney from club time, Mrs Moss and lots of other grown ups. We then remembered that we need to keep ourselves and each other safe too.

Finally, the children have been working hard in Wake and Shake. However, it was too difficult to pick leaders for the half term as they were all fantastic. So, to give more children the opportunity to lead, we’re changing every week!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx