Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Friday Fanfare 21.10.22


Hello Red Class Families,

Congratulations for completing your first half term in Reception. I’m incredibly proud of the children’s achievements. From learning classroom routines to developing their early reading and maths skills and making new friends.

On Tuesday, we participated in our first wake and shake competition. Although Blue Class were the champions, Mrs Moss was very impressed by our dancing! Watching the children perform in front of the whole school was a highlight for me this term. We finished our ‘Seasons’ topic with a week about owls. We created owl eyes in Write Dance by drawing circles and lazy eights and discovered some facts about owls too.

In Maths lessons, we explored length. At home, see if you can find two different socks and compare them. Is one sock shorter, longer or the same length as the other sock? Find 3 different types of pasta. Which piece is the longest piece? We also explored number bonds to 5 using songs, stories and games.

In PE, we developed spatial awareness by practising movement skills within our ‘gateway’ (the space between 2 cones) and rolling a ball through the gateway to a partner. Music lessons, throughout the half term, focused on keeping the beat and playing a rhythm using our sock puppets called ‘Beat’ and ‘Rhythm’. The children might like to clap and sing ‘Jelly on a Plate’ with a partner at home.

This week, we issued a second ‘real’ book instead of an eBook for the half term holiday. Zebras and Giraffes also changed their library books yesterday. If you’d like a new book, please return the old book on your child’s library day.

Monday – Lions

Tuesday- Tigers

Wednesday –Parrots

Thursday –Zebras

Friday – Giraffes

After half term, we’ll change our learning partners and begin a new topic, ‘Traditional Tales’. For now, please rest, play and enjoy time with your family.

Wishing everyone a lovely half term break.

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx