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Friday Fanfare 30.09.22


Hello Red Class Families,

Today, we visited Forest School. Luckily, it was during the morning before the wind and rain! We spent time learning Forest School rules and playing games to remember them. The children enjoyed hide and seek (1,2,3 Where are you?) to learn about the forest boundary. At the end of the session, over a cup of hot juice, the children shared their learning from the session. From building dens to role play and mud cakes, it seemed to fly by! Some children even found time to slide down the log slide.

This week, in Phonics, we read words with ‘g’, ‘o’, ‘c’ and ‘k’ and read our new tricky word ‘is’. We learn to read tricky words automatically. We talk about the part of the word where we can use phonics knowledge and the tricky part. In ‘is’, we know ‘i’ but ‘s’ is tricky because it’s saying another sound. Later in the term, during our Reception Family Workshop (Wednesday, 2nd November), I’ll share some ideas for learning tricky words at home. For example, writing tricky words on post-its and sticking them to the fridge and writing the tricky part in a different colour.

During Maths sessions, we added two groups of objects using our egg boxes and treasure chest ten frames. I shared a story about Redmond Bear’s trip to the beach and how he discovered shells and gems and needed the children’s help to add them together. Stories help to engage the children and make their learning meaningful.

In PE, we changed our shoes for pumps successfully, so we’re moving on to the bottom half next week. The children enjoyed their time in the hall moving in different ways, balancing on beanbags and making shapes with their body. If you’d like to try the beanbag challenge at home, use the steps below:

  • Stand on a beanbag with two feet.
  • Stand on a beanbag with your preferred foot.
  • Stand on a beanbag with the other foot.
  • Bend up and down on one foot.

Have the children told you about the krongelidong? The krongelidong is a mysterious creature who lives in the Write Dance forest. During our Write Dance sessions, we created krongelidongs using long, flowing, curved movements. Some of the children asked if he’d be at Forest School today! As we didn’t find one, we drew pictures of the krongelidong instead! You can find the link to our Write Dance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QR1bps_xn0

We change the children’s library books weekly, unless they’re not in their book bags. If you’re missing a library book, please just email the office to let me know.

Monday – Lions

Tuesday – Tigers

Wednesday – Parrots

Thursday – Zebras

Friday – Giraffes

A second eBook has been added to each child’s reading library this afternoon. I’ll talk about the eBooks and provide hints and tips for reading at home during our Reception Family Workshop.

Finally, it was lovely to see so many families during our open evening (current and from years gone by). Thank you for your kind words.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class x