Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Nursery Bags and Toys

To make our hometime process easier, please can we request that a small bag, with a change of clothes only, stays on the children's pegs in the boot room and doesn't come home daily.  These will only come home if they need replenishing.  Also, could all helmets be placed on the hooks at the top of the ramp for parents to collect once the children have been released down the ramp.

Please could we also send a reminder that if your child does want to bring a toy into Nursery (which they do not need to) that it is just one toy and it is small.  We do not have the space to store large toys or the opportunity in the day to play with them.  A small toy for Quiet Time would be ideal or a story to share. 

Both of these requests will help support us getting the children ready independently for home with very little adult support. :-)

Thanks, Mrs Mander