Headteacher: Anna Moss

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28th June 2024

Forest School Activity

Throwing and Catching

We enjoyed a whole class ball game of throwing and catching.  You remembered the skills needed to make a good thrower and the hands you need to be a good catcher.  During your own Play and Explore time, the sand in the hot sun was very busy this week.


The yoyo sound, y

A few more weeks to go with a final few trickier sounds! This week it wasn’t so full of objects – more pictures.  We had a yell, yawn and you.  We also had some old and new characters that tested us all – Yoshi (from Mario), Yax (from Zootropolis) and a strange looking thing called Yoda.


Counting Around – Superhero style


We continued our playground circle time Maths fun this week with the count around backwards game of “zero zero superhero”.  We counted around the circle from 10 and whoever said zero became the superhero!  We then enjoyed huddling closer as we took it in turns to choose a numeral and read.  There were some noisy ghosts in the bucket though and if you pulled one, you shouted “boo” and chased and scared us all.

Communication and Language

Ladybug Girl at the Beach

A great story about life at the beach.  Ladybug girl and her dog Bingo had fun at the beach finding lots of different things to do – building in the sand, exploring pools, flying her kite.  Can you remember which was the final activity she enjoyed doing which she was nervous about?

Fine Motor (am)

Dough Disco

Back to a classic choice from Hugo with ‘We will rock you’, by Queen.  We talked about the band Queen being from a long time ago – when Mrs Mander was a baby, Mrs Allen was a girl and Mrs Franklin was a teenager!  We enjoyed making a dough microphone to make our voices louder and squashing it flat for the guitar plectrum.    


Summer Fair Produce

We have added the final touches to the produce for our Summer Fair next weekend.  Come and find us on the teacher stall with your £2.50 next Saturday 6th and I promise, it will be money well spent with the fun you can have at home with this special torch.

A message for parents – due to a request from Isla and Lily, battery toy week will return next week for one final time.  Please send your little one in with a battery toy for them to share, play with their friends.  We will be talking about how the battery makes them light up, move and make sound as part of our Computing curriculum. 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X