Headteacher: Anna Moss

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15th March 2024

Forest School Activity

Pirate Ships

The weather has been a little kinder to us this week as we have enjoyed building pirate ships on the patio to sail the high seas.  You enjoyed jumping off and using magnifying glasses to collect treasure planted around Forest School

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)


A morning Maths song that gets us moving (and smiling) – Beans.  We have been counting backwards from different numbers as we turned into runner, baked and jelly beans.

Rhyme Time

Humpty Dumpty

We enjoyed listening to the sounds of Humpty falling off the wall and the march of the soldiers coming to rescue him.  We also listened for and spotting our rhyming pairs from our pictures three.  It is great to hear that you are beginning to hear that rhyme in our everyday language and stories.


The rainbow sound /r/

Miss Barron has enjoyed showing you what was in her sound box this week as some special siblings made an appearance – Raya, Rosie, Rex, Ralph and Ronnie.  You also spotted a rhino, a ribbon and a noisy recorder! Next week, we will be revisiting all the sounds we have learnt so far every morning so we can move on to so many more after Easter.  


Pass the Instrument

Whilst Miss Barron has been playing a game with you; Mrs Mander and Mrs Allen have been enjoying sharing the instrument basket with you in the “not so” Quiet Area.  We have enjoyed finding all the ways our instruments can make sounds, played musical STOP and followed the arrow to pass them clockwise around the circle.


Dice and Finger match


As you joined from Forest School, Miss Barron has been teaching you how to spot the dice pattern and show on your fingers.  As we move into the summer term – we begin to combine all of that pattern work e.g. match numeral to numicon, match numicon to “in a row” pieces.  Seeing number is our super power!  We have also enjoyed spotting and talking about each other’s stripy clothing and trying to create them on the peg boards.

Communication and Language

Pirate Pete I’m a new big brother, Amanda Li

Mrs Allen has enjoyed sharing the story with you all about Pete and how he feels when his new baby brother arrives.  You have all been planting and enjoyed finding each other’s treasure on the map.  Next week we move in to our Easter topic and Miss Barron will be sharing her favourite Easter story with you after lunch each day.

Understand the World


After a week of learning about push – you have been learning about the opposite force of pull.  What a game – you had so much fun!  Miss Barron had you working against a partner as you tried to pull one another over a line to win the game!

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Shake it Off, Taylor Swift

Thank you Arjun.  Taylor Swift has had us pinching the dough with our finger tips and working our wrists to shake the dough off.  We look forward to our final afternoon dough disco next week as we have a timetable shift after Easter.

A message for parents – it was lovely to see you on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and catch up about your little people.  Three and four year olds are such fun to be around and even more fun to teach when we only have a 4-5 minute window of opportunity to hold their attention.  With this in mind, we hope you are impressed by them on Monday morning at 8.45am as they attempt to stand still and sing some Easter songs on the steps with Red class! 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X