Headteacher: Anna Moss

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8th March 2023

Forest School Activity

Spring Fire

It is that time of term again when Mrs Allen digs out her flint and steel and makes her raft ready for a fire.  During the beginning of the week, you enjoyed playing fire circle games around the fire circle to learn how to be safe, and yesterday you enjoyed toasting your own marshmallows on a toasting fork.  Thank you Evie J for toasting one for me.

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Round the Mountain

After last week with those magic paintbrushes, we tried out our magic sponges!  Did they work? Yes they did!  Adding two spots of colour to your sponges and a spell meant you were able to make a new colour with your circle and rainbow shapes!  You always seem so impressed that it actually works.

Rhyme Time

Round and Round the Garden

We listened and named sounds we would hear in the garden and continued to listen to and name our rhyming pairs from three pictures.  The grownups impressed you all as they made the learning harder when they thought of a third rhyming name e.g. tickle, pickle and bickle.  There were some funny nonsense words to make us smile.


The umbrella sound /u/

A tricky sound to find for toys but we had fun with photos instead.  Mrs Mander enjoyed sharing her umbrella hat with you and there was a lot of noise and laughing coming from the box as we discovered all the uncles in there partying!!!  


Pirate Treasure

Pirate Barron shared with you her very own treasure chest and you took it in turns to hide and find the treasure in the cabin.  You were lucky you had your Pirate friends to help you by pointing to where it was!


Spring Chicken

The Number 6

We have been role playing a special Spring Chicken song as you arrived from Forest School with a Mother Hen, four eggs and four chicks.  We talked about subitising to help us learn the words and showing  these number on our fingers.  Our new learning was Numicon 6 as we looked at its shape and matched to a dice.  We enjoyed rolling them with a friend and playing the “6 woo hoo” game.  Find your dice this weekend and have a go.

Communication and Language

My Mum, Anthony Browne

With Mother’s Day approaching, it is always a chance for us to pull out all of the mum books from the cupboard.  Mrs Allen chose her favourite one by Anthony Browne which shows how many jobs us mums actually do!  Make sure you give lots of love to them on Sunday.

Understand the World


Miss Barron has been teaching you all about forces in the world around us and in particular one that we find tricky when it comes to opening a door – push.  She shared her cars with you and you enjoyed pushing and marking with a cross where it stopped.

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Don’t blame it on the Boogie, The Jacksons

Mrs Franklin, what a choice!  They don’t make songs like this anymore!  The children loved loved loved it and lots of you have shared that they are singing at home.  We were circling, pulling and spinning the dough to this disco beat.

A message for parents – the children have been busy every morning creating a special flower card for all you mums.  They always enjoy talking about you and we enjoy writing the highlights in the card.  Enjoy your day on Sunday!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X