Headteacher: Anna Moss

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1st March 2024

Forest School Activity

Pirate Maps

Mrs Allen has been teaching you different ways to make pirate maps using chalks, pencils, crayons.  You walked your area and decided where your treasure was to be buried with an X on the map.  In the afternoon, Miss Barron has had you working as pirates as you played her pirate listening game.  Climbing the riggings, scrubbing the deck and saluting the captain. It is a hard pirate life!

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

House of the Bears

I do not know what you did to the paintbrushes this week but you must have put a magic spell on them.  As you made marks to our Goldilocks tune, you mixed two colours together to create orange, purple, green and today pink!  It was a mystery how that happened!

Rhyme Time

A Sailor went to Sea

We enjoyed singing along to our rhyme this week with actions as we talked about the homophone sea and see.  We enjoyed listening for our matching seaside rhyming pairs this week and giggled as we listened and made the seaside sounds for the seagull, the waves and the ship’s horn. 


The elephant sound /e/

Poor Elsie and Effy were trapped in the sound box with a character that could freeze them and a familiar Christmas character who likes mischief.  We were all happy with the return of Holly and Jolly Elf in the end as they brought us an envelope full of chocolate eggs to share!!  


STOP/GO Instruments

The popular instrument basket returned this week as we played Musical STOP.  We used our looking skills to see the change in the STOP/GO paddle and had to be the first to place our instrument down.  Tearing yourself away from an instrument can be tricky when you are three and four!


Ordinal Numbers

Numicon/Numeral Match

We had racing Spring chickens this week as we labelled them as being first, second and last.  We then enjoyed playing a game with a team of three as we took it in turns being first, second and last to place down the numeral, the numicon or the “in a row” wooden piece.  The children have come so far with recognising number patterns to five in!

Communication and Language

The Night Pirates, Pete Harris

Mrs Allen returned (hooray!) and enjoyed sharing the story of Pete and the adventure he had one night with some girl pirates.  You enjoyed creating your very own treasure chest and deciding what you wanted to place inside.

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Hakuna Matata, Lion King

A great song which we all enjoyed and calmed us all down at the end of a busy Forest School session.  We learnt how to make ring doughnuts with the dough that will sit safely on a knee!  Thank you Harris for your choice.  Mrs Franklin and her BIG birthday choice is up next week……..it will most definitely be an golden oldie!

A message for parents – we have begun our singing practice with Red class on some mornings as we have started learning our three new songs for the Easter “singing on the steps”.  Make sure you have the date in diary – Monday 18th March at 8.45am.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X