Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 25th October 2019

Happy Half Term Everyone!

In the cabin, we have been playing/learning:

Listening Games. We have finished off our final “Looking” game with “Who is Hiding Under the Blanket?” We chose a friend to hide their eyes whilst we hid another friend under the blanket. You had to work out who was missing, sometimes needing clues of their voice or looking at their slippers. Always a favourite game. We move on after half term to a new listening rule of “Good Listening is Sitting Still”.

Phonics. We have finished off our Phonics work on Environmental Sounds by exploring “Mrs Mander’s bag”. We sang our song and then you had to listen to objects that were in the bag and work out what they were. Can you remember the five objects? It made us smile to hear what are in your mummy’s bags too!!! “My mummy has lollipops in her bag for me” Erica. “My mummy has cream for her eyes in hers” Harry.

Maths. The “Cheeky Monkey Counting song” has had us counting backwards by placing our ten monkeys in our ten frame and watching them fall out of their tree. We have been sorting objects first by colour – which has led us into one of Belle’s favourite songs “I can sing a rainbow” - and sorting objects by shape. This is something we will be revisiting next half term as “same” and “not same” are difficult concepts to understand.

Nursery Rhyme. Our Nursery Rhyme this week has been “I’m a Little Teapot”. We have been singing and dancing to the rhyme and sssshhhhhh, don’t tell your grownups, but we used our very own mini teapot set to make a real cup of tea and most of us even had a sip! Can you remember what we did to make it?

Write Dance. We have moved on to a new song/dance of “The Rainbow” – what beautiful rainbow shapes you can create with your fingers. The tricky part was swaying left and right and keeping your feet on the floor – have a practise over half term.

Dough Disco. The poor monkeys have worked hard this week as we had to replace the dough with them. We created a little dance for them to “Dance Monkey”. I am sure this is song that will be played at many a party in years to come – a great song! We are moving on to a Sophie favourite after half term courtesy of Moana.

Outdoors, in Forest School, Mrs Allen has taken us to:

The Gully. We have now been shown how we can keep it clean and clear of sand, leaves, bark and mud! The brushes box has been added with a range of shapes and sizes to keep us busy cleaning. What a difference it made to have the water flowing through the gully – a definite job to revisit every Monday! She has also added in the syringes and pipettes and talked to us about how we can now transfer water from the gully to other areas of the Forest School by filling pots and cans.

The Balcony. We now have another activity that we can do on the balcony by using the wooden table as our base. Mrs Allen has shown us how we can use the natural materials in pots e.g. cones, shells, rocks to create our very own natural artwork. When the rain comes, this is the part of the Forest School that will definitely become a popular choice!

Painting. You had fun on Tuesday with Mrs Lewis when you did some outdoor sponge paintings using autumn colours. Your creations have been cut out and turned into leaves which now make a beautiful display in our window seat in the cabin. Have a look next time you are up on the balcony.

The Patio. A popular choice this week has been using the long wooden sticks as a form of transport with our friends. I think the maximum number of friends to fit on the “Broom” was four but how much co-operation did you need to ensure you were all facing the same way and moving at the same speed – hilarious to watch!

What a long half term it has been but you all – you are certainly ready for a well-deserved rest with your families. Enjoy every second!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Flynn.