Headteacher: Anna Moss

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23rd February 2024

Forest School Activity


We have enjoyed creating our own play ideas this week as the Pirate topic took hold.  We created a ship with a plank to walk, we used sticks for swords and enjoyed tying the broom to our leg to become a “Peg Leg”.  Our Pirate adventures will continue next week with Mrs Allen in the morning and Miss Barron (our student teacher) in the afternoon.

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Bear climbed over the mountain

We revisited this song about the bear who climbed over the mountain as we climbed with our chalks on the table to create vertical lines.  Two handed mark making is so good for the brain, even better when it makes a chalky mess!

Rhyme Time

Wind the Bobbin

We enjoyed singing this rhyme fast, faster and fastest as any rhyme with actions to match is fun when we change the speed.  Our daily rhyming pair pictures are working as we are beginning to hear children recognise rhyming words in their every day language.  Hearing rhyme is another skill to be “school ready” this summer.


The cat and king sound /c/ and /k/

What a fun-packed box week we had this week – too many objects and animals to name.  The one I will remember from this week is the kangaroo that kept on jumping and the candle that burnt me every day!  



We enjoyed Staying Quiet and listening to a piece of music where four children were playing four different instruments – can you remember what they were?  We also enjoyed listening to some music that made us feel happy, sad and scared and show this on our faces,


First and Last

Being able to understand what an ordinal number is a Maths skill you have to learn through running!  We paired up and raced down past the classrooms.  We labelled who was first and who was last to cross the finish line.  Being able to understanding first and last helps up with our Literacy skills too when asked “what is the first sound of …..”.

Communication and Language

Pirate Pete and his Parrot, Jenny Woods

Mrs Mander shared your topic story this week as we shared the story about Pete and his screeching parrot who could only say one phrase.  We laughed at the trouble this got him in to.  We also enjoyed the popular game of Pop up Pirates as we all tried to work out which one was the magic sword.

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

What does the fox say?  Ylvis

All the way from Norway, like Mrs Moss, we listened to Ylvis sing a song about what a fox says.  Thank you Effy for choosing this song again.  We enjoyed making foxy fingers on our hands and exercising them!

A message for parents – parent consultation slips came home in the children’s bags this week.  They are smaller than normal and so may be trickier to find!  Can they be returned next week either via the adult on the gate at drop off or into bags (that we check daily) so we can allocate you a time to suit.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X