Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 18th October 2019

Happy Friday!

We are almost there, we have almost completed our first half term together…..phew, what a long half term it will have been for us all!

In the cabin, during Circle Times, we have been playing/learning:

Listening Games. We have enjoyed playing with the new “Stop/Go” paddle to help support us with our looking. The funniest game so far was our Silent Disco where we moved our bodies to no music and had to watch out for the Stop/Go instruction. Anyone looking in would have found us a strange bunch!

Phonics. We have continued this week with our work on environmental sounds where we have been matching Green class with their musical sounds with our own drumsticks! We took our drumsticks for a walk into Forest School today to see how they sounded when banged on different objects.

Number. The “Teddy Dance” song has had us placing our dancing teddy in different positions around our body – in front, behind, above, around, under, next to, between and on – see if you can have a go at doing this at home with your favourite teddy. We have had fun being the dancing teddies with a partner, placed our own small world person around the cabin in different positions and played “Hide and Seek” in the Forest by hiding “behind” so as not to be caught.

Nursery Rhyme. Our Nursery Rhyme this week has been “Little Miss Muffet”. We have had some excellent role play this week from some brave Mr and Miss Muffets who have chosen a seat for “tuffet”. We explored the Forest School bug bag and had some very different bugs frighten us away – moths, bees, ants.

Write Dance. We have had another week on “Tickle Tree” but added in the mark making element by creating fingers marks in soap, shaving foam and flour. We move on next week to “The Rainbow” where we are naming our rainbow colours – thank you Rory for letting me photocopy your jumper yesterday to help support us next week.  

Dough Disco. Thanks to Harry, we have been moving the dough to “The Music Man” sang by Mr Tumble. We have been creating and playing the piano, big bass drum, saxophone and triangle. Our dough disco dough has finally lost its sparkle for this half term and so next week we will moving some monkeys to a Mrs Mander favourite song “Dance Monkey”. Get ready mini monkeys!

Outdoors, in Forest School, Mrs Allen has opened up a new part of the Forest School for us to access on those rainy days – the balcony.

The Story Area. Cushions, blankets, stories and teddies have been added to our own balcony Quiet Area and you have enjoyed coming up on your own or with a friend to share a story with some animal friends. This area is going to be a popular choice for lots of you when that rain comes!

Building. Blocks on the balcony are now open for you to come up and get creative with your construction skills. There are photographs of familiar buildings for you to create and as the weeks go on, photographs of your own buildings will be added to help give us ideas. If you arrive early in the morning, feel free to build away until the door opens but always remember to place the blocks back on their shadows ready for the next person.

Spiders. Outdoor craft is up and running now that we are all settled into the expectations of Forest School. Up on the balcony you have been able to come along and create your very own spiders using pipe cleaners. You then took these down into Forest School to play Incy Wincy and then took them home to continue the fun there.

Painting. You had fun on Wednesday with Mrs Lewis when most of you opted to create some conker paintings – who would have thought that rolling conkers and a little bit of paint could create such different and unusual patterns!

The Patio. The pipes and crates were open to play with on the patio and Mrs Allen taught us all how to carry around the pipes safely by dragging them like a tail. Popular games this week in this area were Pirates (where you used the pipes as a flagpole), Animal dens (where you created an enclosure for our soft animal friends to live using wooden blocks) and Ten Frame fun (where you laid the crates out in the ten frame pattern and found just enough friends to join you)!

Please can we make another request for warm hats to be left at Nursery in our hat basket. Yesterday was a particularly cold day and although we have spares, it is helpful if they can bring in (and leave) their own.

Have a lovely weekend - especially Belle who turns 4 this weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Flynn.