Headteacher: Anna Moss

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26th January 2024

Forest School Activity

The Big School Birdwatch

Mrs Allen has been enjoying sharing her special bird this week as she has hidden her in forest school.  You have been exploring how to use the binoculars and the bird books to take part in the Big School Birdwatch.  You enjoyed making a bird hide and used lard, raisins and seeds to make a bird feeder.

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Wheels on the Bus

We enjoyed revisiting in an old song with new mark making.  You have been creating BIG wheels, wipers and a loud horn on the tables in water and paint.  This was fun without any music on our no technology day as we had to sing the song on repeat and make marks at the same time.

Rhyme Time

Hey Diddle Diddle

We giggled this week as we listened to the sounds that come with this rhyme – a cat, a cow and a dog.  It really sounded like they were in the cabin with us!  For some of us we are beginning to hear the 2 out of 3 words that sound the same – such a tricky skill for so early in the year.


The duck sound /d/

We enjoyed finding out what was in the new sound “star” box this week – something that jumps in the water, a loveable dog off the TV and something with a fierce bite.  We didn’t worry though as we had someone “who helps us” when we hurt ourselves and we managed to get them all settled for the dice in the dish game!


Winter Bingo

In the middle of our coldest season, our bingo game is always a good one to play. We take the time to talk through the pictures on the board and talk about if we have seen them yet. We are all sad to report, we haven’t seen the snowy fire circle or been able to build that snowman….yet!


The Number 4 patterns and shapes

Water in the Cup

We have enjoyed this week creating shapes and patterns with four sticks this week as we waited for all of our friends to settle. We learnt about the special shape with four sides the same length (square) and we even learnt what we call this when we push it over (rhombus).  Four year children know on average 1500 words, who says they can’t be Maths words! We sang along to the water in the cup song too as we explored what full, part-full and empty look like.

Communication and Language

Betty in the Yeti, Ella Burfoot

You have enjoyed matching up the socks and gloves this week on the washing line as part of your story activity.  Betty kept discovering items of clothing in the snow and wondering who they belong to – can you remember who it was in the end?

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Jump, Girl Aloud

We enjoyed balling and bouncing our dough this week to this perfect disco tune chosen by Amelia.  We talked about Girls Aloud and where they come from.  Can you show your grownups, on your hand this weekend, how many girls were singing this song?

A message for parents – thanks to our Eco Council in school, we all enjoyed the no technology day on Thursday alongside the rest of the school.  No lights, no music and no kettle (!).  It was a good talking point as to how much we use electricity and what the world was like in the old days when Mrs Franklin was a little girl!  The children really enjoyed it – we would highly recommend as an activity one day on the weekend.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X