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22nd December 2023

Forest School Activity

Stick Rudolph

Combining sticks and string and adding ribbon, eyes and a red nose was very effective as you all had the opportunity to create your very own Rudolph for home.  We are keeping everything crossed that these survive the Christmas boxes in the years to come!

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

I wish it could be Christmas every day, Wizzard

We all enjoyed a Christmas boogie this week, but Mrs Allen more than the rest of us, as we listened to a song from when she was a little girl – “I wish it could be Christmas every day”, Wizzard.  We hope you are all singing this at home.  It is a really infectious Christmas song that everyone needs storing in their memory.

Listening Game

Musical Sitting, Statues and Teams of two

We had to put all our listening skills together this week as we danced to the above song and kept our eye on the sign, action that was shown to you when the music stopped.  The sign for sit, the STOP paddle and Numicon Two changed so many times, it was tricky to keep up.


The net sound /n/

Poor Neave! Trapped in a box with some very sharp objects – nails, needles and knives!  Luckily there was a nurse in there to help her out.  We have six sounds under our belt (s-a-t-p-i-n) and we are hoping we can still remember and say them when we return after the Christmas break.  There are so many more to get through next year alongside learning about rhyming and fine tuning our syllable clapping.



Snowmen arrangements

We were NOT impressed this week as Holly and Jolly, our naughty Nursery elves, kept creating havoc every morning when we came in from Forest School.  They found it funny at the mess they created and even funnier that their hands weren’t able to pick things up.  We did well though as we worked as small teams to tidy up – “teamwork makes the dream work”.  After all this tidying we had an opportunity to show off our Maths learning this term as we fixed our Snowmen by matching different arrangements.

Communication and Language

The Night before Christmas

Lots of talk this week about the night before Christmas and what it is called.  Children have enjoyed sharing what they each do and leave out for Father Christmas and his reindeers.  Thanks to Mrs Allen’s story and our Rudolph show song, we have also learnt some of the names of Rudolph’s “friends”. 


Rudolph Hats

We all enjoyed making our very own Christmas lunch party hats this week.  Choosing Rudolph’s eyes and creating his nose wasn’t quite as fun as drawing around hands for the antlers!  The children all enjoyed wearing these on Wednesday and we hope they have made it home in one piece and the wind didn’t take them away!

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Merry Christmas Everyone, Shakin Stevens

A Mrs Mander choice this week from a singer who she used to adore when she was a little girl – Shakin Stevens.  We had to listen out for “Shakin” telling us the actions with the key words of snow, party, swaying.   Our Christmas dough disco sessions are officially over for another year as we get back on track with our choice of tunes in the new year.  Evie W, Jess and Effy have been waiting a while for their choice and others are still “deciding”.

A message for parents – a huge thankyou to you all for your cards, gifts and Christmas wishes.  It has been a long term but I am sure you would agree that the children have made so much progress since those early September days.  We look forward to more fun planned for 2024 (and the return of some warm weather)!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X