Headteacher: Anna Moss

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1st December 2023

Forest School Activity


Mrs Allen showed you this week a completely different way to use the crates and tarpaulin as you created a cave to match the story with your friends.  Pegs are already challenging but with gloves on hands thanks to our first cold spell, this was almost impossible.  Resilience is a key competency at Blackwell and we certainly had to dig deep this week!

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Coming Round the Mountain

A catchy tune this week which lots of you already knew.  We have been travelling around the mountain on a train, plane and bus using arm power only.  We added in those arms up high for rainbow arcs with an “aye yay yippee yippee yay”.

Listening Game

Follow the Sound

Being able to listen to unseen sounds is already tricky but this week you had to follow them with your finger whilst blindfolded too!  This week we passed around Mrs Allen’s big bunch of keys whilst our blindfolded friend in the middle followed the sound with their finger.  When the sound stopped, they had to say who was hiding them. 


The sound /p/

There was a lot of wriggling in the sound box this week as we discovered thirteen puppies in there!!!  What fun they were having with the pig, Mr Potato and a plum.  This sound is one that needed a little work as we needed to ensure it was a quiet one.  Put your lips together and push out the air quietly.  Next week we move on to the /i/ sound.


Fingers Five

Showing finger numbers 1-5 is one of nursery targets.  Showing numbers using our own marks is another.  This week we combined the two as we had a go at drawing around our family of five and choosing how they were feeling with a different bouche (mouth) for all.  For those of us who are ready, the next part of our maths journey will be showing numbers backwards so we can see how many fingers we are holding down – this will be the start of our work in seeing how numbers to five are made up e.g. 3 and 2 makes 5.   

Communication and Language

The Cave

You enjoyed sharing the story of The Cave and discovering who was hiding in there.  You enjoyed talking about what treats you would use to encourage someone out of a cave and you then had a go at making them using playdough. 



We have continued to talk about and look at the work of Joan Miro as we added the finishing touches to our own abstract art.  I am sure you are going to enjoy seeing these pieces of art on your fridge at home all year round. 

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Tiger Feet, Mud

What a song Freya!  It has taken Mrs Franklin back to her youth!  We have enjoyed balling and passing the dough and rocking out with our arms and shoulders this week 70’s style.  We have also talked about the United Kingdom flag and good luck to you all bumping into the band members this weekend.  

A message for parents – we move into our favourite topic next week – Christmas!!  We start it with a bang and our Christmas story night is on Monday night at 5.30pm-7.00pm.  We look forward to seeing lots of you there in your PJ’s and cuddly toys!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X