Headteacher: Anna Moss

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24th November 2023


Forest School Activity


This week, Mrs Allen has been showing you how you can role play a story with just sticks.  You collected three sticks of different sizes and used these as your story characters of Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear.  All that was left to do was to find a Goldilocks!  It was lovely to see the mud kitchen being used as the kitchen in your story – not sure who is cleaning the bowls though?

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

House of the Bears

Role play through dance!  We “played” the role of Goldilocks as we have swayed through the forest and into the house to spot and stir three bowls of porridge.  We had to switch part way through the song to be the bears as we used our “swimming” arms to claw and scare her away.

Listening Game

Chinese Whispers

Listening to the words is the trickiest listening rule to follow when you are three and four so this game was fun!  Mrs Mander chose a friend from the pack and whispered the name around the oval.  We had to work as a team to listen and share with our next-door neighbour.


The sound /t/

A packed box with a whole range of objects coming out.  We had a turtle on the toilet.  A (squashed) tomato sitting on a tissue on the table.  And Mrs Mander and Mrs Allen’s favourite – some tea and toast.  Can you make your own /t/ box this weekend and find things that begin with /t/?


Three in a Row and Teddy Dance

We took our pattern of three in a row and enjoyed the Three in a Row song.  We were learning that whether they are in a row or moving around – it is still 3!  You giggled as you made three in a row with your friends and kept adding one more.  We also made sure our positional language was understood as we had to make our teddy dance in all sorts of strange places – “above our head, on our knee, between our feet”.   

Communication and Language

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Mrs Allen has enjoyed sharing lots of versions of the story (there are many!) and thank you to those of you who brought in your own.  You enjoyed tasting some hot, cold and “just right” porridge to make your story come alive and considered which instruments would be best for each “character”.


Christmas Cards and Calendars

As we completed our Christmas card design this week ready to take the orders, we moved on to our yearly calendars.  Every class in school has an artist to learn about – ours is Joan Miro.  He uses lots of shapes and lines and colour to create some abstract art.  We have done the same – they are very abstract! 

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

High Hopes, Panic! At the (Dough) Disco

Sausage rolling our dough to make drumsticks so we could “disco” to this American pop rock band was very different to Lily’s Disney song!  We enjoyed it though and as we are improving every week at keeping to the beat of the music, it is actually starting to look in sync ready for a Christmas show.  Thank you Harvey for choosing!

A message for parents – nursery doors will be open next Friday 1st December from 2-3pm.  The children are looking forward to sharing their “BEST” book with you – a book all about them.  You are then welcome to take them with you to have a look at the other book activities happening in the main school before heading home.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X