Headteacher: Anna Moss

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17th December 2023

Forest School Activity

Poppies and Bear Prints

In our first week back, you all enjoyed using the crates on the patio to create a poppy shop.  You finger painted the pieces of bark with red and black and sold them to your friends.  This week, Mrs Allen has been laying down paw prints for you to follow to go on a bear hunt.  You then enjoyed using sticks and chalks to replace the paw prints with arrows – have a go this weekend at making an arrow route for your family to follow.

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Grand Old Duke and Over the Mountain

We all enjoyed role playing the Grand Old Duke and you took it in turns to wear the tall hat – we had some excellent Grand Old Dukes of Blackwell and Grand Old Duchesses of Burcot as we marched, stretched and crouched to keep up with the Write Dance song.  This week, we have discovered our inner bears as the claws have come out and we have been using them to climb up the mountain and jump into the river.

Listening Game

Stop/Go Tunnel and Quiet Feet

Our STOP/GO paddle is a huge hit with you all and so we enjoyed using it in one of our games as we had to look at the sign and wait for GO before crawling through the tunnel.  If there is one thing on your list to Father Christmas this year, it has to be the paddle.  This week we have been working on not only keeping our voices but also our feet quiet as we move around the cabin.  You did a super job allowing Mrs Mander and Mrs Allen to have a morning snooze and not waking us up!  Thank you!


The Letter s and the letter a

Our Phonics journey has begun as we are now playing our daily game of “What’s in the Box”.  Every week we learn a new sound, learn the picture to match and discover things in the box beginning with this sound.  In our first week back, we had fun as out crawled a spider from the stethoscope!  This week, we have had some friend’s faces in the box – Amelia, Adelenna and Mrs Allen as they have been munching on the apple and the avacodo in the box.  Can you remember the flag in there?


Subitising, Bing Bong Zong, The Number 3

We kept going with our subitising skills as you saw and named up to 3 wooden cookies as you joined from Forest School in different arrangements.  You enjoyed playing your first partner game with “Bing Bong Zong”.  It was fun trying to match a friend’s fingers with the same number and spotting who has more.  This week we have enjoyed exploring the number 3 as we played musical 3’s and began creating arrangements with 3 cups – Numicon 3, 3 in a row and Magic 3.   

Communication and Language

Poppy Day and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The beautifully illustrated story of Poppy Day is a perfect way to introduce the idea behind poppies in a child friendly way.  You enjoyed putting your own poppies together in your session with Mrs Allen and listening to two special tunes – Last Post and Reveille. This week, our Best Books topic began with bear stories.  You have enjoyed retelling the Bear Hunt story with the story spoons.


Poppies and Christmas Cards

It is our biggest crafting time of the year as we created artwork based on Mrs Allen’s story, Poppy Day.  You used your fine motor skills to collage your own poppy which are proudly up on our classroom display.  This week, you have become little elves as you enjoyed creating your very own Christmas cards.  Order forms for each Christmas card will be coming out in bags very soon. 

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys and You’re Welcome, Maui

Thank you Francesca, for our first disco song back after half term.  It was in keeping with Bonfire Night as we enjoyed folding the dough and creating fire shapes with our arms.  This week, Maui (from the film Moana) has joined us thanks to Jack.  We have been talking about the country of Hawaii, looking at its flag and learning the Hawaii action for wind.  Have you showed it off at home?

A message for parents – we hope you all had the chance to read our half termly Newsletter last week which will have come out on parentapp.  There are lots of key dates for Christmas on there for you to pop into your diaries.  It gets busy at this time of year with so much going on!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X