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29th September 2023

Nursery News – Friday 29th September 2023

Forest School

The Gully

Finally, the gully is officially……open!  This week we have talked about how to stay safe in this area and more importantly for you, how to keep the water flowing.  It has been fun to watch lots of you race to the gully in the morning and afternoon and clean out the mud and sand so we can turn the tap on.  I would like to think you are this keen at home to help out.

Write Dance

(Gross Motor)

Just Like This

This Write Dance song has had us marching, building and eating (!) our way to and from school.  The trickiest action was “crossing the midline”.  Zigzagging arms across the body is a skill that uses both parts of your brain (thank you Oscar for showing me where this was this week). 

Listening Game

Find the Sound

Our listening game this week involved us hiding the music machine in a bucket and hiding the bucket in the cabin.  You took it in turns to use just your ears to find it whilst the rest of us stayed still and quiet to help you.  Staying quiet during parts of our nursery day is just one of the listening skills we learn.



As we waited for our friends to join us from Forest School, we enjoyed mark making numeral 1 – the easiest numeral to draw.  It was great to see this mark making continued outside in the sand with you Isri and your sand tool.  Once we were all settled, we enjoyed exploring circles in the cabin.  Finding objects with the circle shape on was fun and a great learning point when we spotted the sunglasses were more ovals than circles.  We enjoyed working as a team of two to create coloured camel circles and today popped on our circle binoculars (our hands!) and found more circles in our Forest School.  Why not go on a circle hunt of your own this weekend?

Communication and Language

End of Topic photo share

As we came to the end of our “All About Me” topic, our final few friends enjoyed sharing their family photo.  We heard all about the dinosaur statue in Jack’s, the trip to Greece in Amelia’s and a rather large Peppa Pig being part of Harriet’s family photo.  Communication and Language incorporates all of the skills of listening, attention, understanding and speaking.  Allowing children time to talk (whilst others stay quiet and listen) is a key part of our learning.  It is so much more than reading a story to the children.

Dough Disco

(Fine Motor)

Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles

Thank you Elsie for starting the year with an excellent disco song.  We have been working on our first dough action of squeezing and rolling the dough into a ball.  We also had to listen for Harry’s words of “Watermelon Sugar, high” as we span our arm and waved.  Next week, we are going to enjoy George Ezra thanks to Theo.  Please do email in with your disco requests – everyone gets a song and routine for the week. 

A message for parents – we have our whole school Open Evening next Wednesday 4th October at 6-7pm.  Please do come along with your little one so they can give you a walk around of where they play.  You are also welcome to visit all the classrooms in the whole school.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X