Headteacher: Anna Moss

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21st July 2023

Forest School

On the Farm

Who knew toothbrushes would make such good cleaning tools?  You enjoyed cleaning all the farm animals on the patio this week – they look ready for September now.  You also enjoyed creating your own object for the Festival parade today – enjoy swinging that around in the garden at home.

Dough Disco

Old Songs, New Routines

The “music machine” continues to make the song choice and this week it strangely chose well for our Farming topic – ‘What did the Fox Say’, Effy’s choice and ‘Boogie Hedgehog’ (again!!), James’ choice.


The wave sound, w

Our final Nursery sound – the wave sound, w.  We were a little scared this week as there were wolves and witches with wands!  We never knew what havoc they may have caused when we opened the box!



We have finished our Nursery Maths this year with one final push.  Comparing numbers on dominoes and dice patterns by labelling with more; fewer was clearly too simple and so we used the numicon pieces to help us find out “how many more?” e.g. 6 has two more spots than 4.  Wow! What Maths superstars your new teacher will think you are.

Communication and Language

What the Ladybird Heard, Julia Donaldson

A classic.  A perfect story for learning about “the farm”.  Thanks to Mrs Wilson, our Early Years French teacher – we knew the French name for the main character – coccinelle.  Ask the children to pronounce it correctly rather than trying to read it. :-D


Sounds like a Square Dance!

We did it – we managed to take part in the whole school “country dance”.  Not only did we remember the sequences of moves, we had to do this in the middle of the yellow class circle.  It was so much fun!

A message for parents – the Teddy Bears picnic was a huge hit for the children, we hope they shared with you what happened there.  The minibus and the huge bears were the biggest hit.  I would highly recommend looking out for the events at Burcot Grange for children (posted on parentapp) and take the whole family. 

Enjoy your weekend all!  Two days to go!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X