Headteacher: Anna Moss

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7th July 2023

Forest School

On the Farm

You had fun creating your own farm on the tuff tray with sand, mud and water combined.  Those animals had so much fun travelling through all of this.  You also enjoyed working as a team to build your own tractor with the crates.

Dough Disco

 You’re Welcome, Maui

Poor Evie. She danced through everyone else’s songs and somehow didn’t make her own choice.  We soon made up for it Evie with a classic song from Moana.  We talked about, looked at the flag of Hawaii, and learnt four new Hawaiian hand gestures for rain, sun, flower and wind – can you teach your family this weekend?

Listening Game

Odd One Out

We played an old game of musical threes with a twist – when the music stopped, you had to make the three and spot the Odd One Out.  Looking at who is different to the other two in different ways was challenging.


The jellyfish sound, j

The sound box was VERY wobbly this week as you discovered two things in there to make it move.  A jellyfish and some jelly.  We also had five familiar faces – can you remember who they were???


Roll, Match, Subitise

As we head into our final push for school, we have been combining all our learning with a whole class game of Ladybirds.  You were all super at rolling, matching the dice pattern and subitising the ladybirds you collected.  For some, totalling them was your challenge.

Communication and Language

Let’s go to the Farm,

Caryl Hart and Lauren Tobia

To introduce our new Farm topic, Mrs Allen shared this story with you about Bee and Billy visiting new animals on the farm.  You made the story come alive with the role-play wooden animals and enjoyed singing Old McDonald with the animals from the story as you met them.


Sounds like a Square Dance!

For our end of term whole school festival on Friday 21st July, we have begun practising our very own country-dance in the afternoon.  Taking part in the same dance routine as the rest of the school may be our challenge but we can do this!

A message for parents – the French café is open next week for the whole school and this is for Nursery too!  Please send the children in with their 50p’s to buy a delicious French breakfast snack on any morning.  When they head past Mrs Moss, we will be there to support them with a visit to the tuck shop.  This is good practice for those heading into main school in September!  We will be ready for them in the cabin with our very own French dining table set up.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X