Headteacher: Anna Moss

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30th June 2023

Forest School


Cleaning time!  The sponges, cloths and brushes came out this week as the Forest School was given a full “Summer clean”!  I think it is time to start contributing to house jobs this weekend.

Dough Disco

 Old Songs, New Routines

The “music machine” has continued to choose its favourite songs from the past year.  James and Henry were both over the moon to hear theirs again!  The grownups favourite has to be Eric’s Daddy Cool - this song will never date!

Listening Game


We extended our learning this week as learnt how to play this game in pairs.  For those children who do not have at home, I would highly recommend – the concentration was unbelievable.


The lollipop sound, l

Lucas, Lucy and Lottie – you finally made it in the box along with a ladybird, a lemur and two lions.  Well done for spotting the difference and talking about boys (garcons) and girls (filles).  Shhh, don’t tell Mr Mander about his missing lemon and lime….


3D shapes

Thank you Mrs Edney for letting us use after school club game, Jenga.  So much learning involved in this game.  Recognising three without counting, choosing shapes for construction and combining shapes to make new ones.  All nursery targets.

Communication and Language

Fergus the Sea Dog,

Tony Maddox

A super Summer story about a dog that visits the seaside.  Mrs Allen enjoyed sharing her toy sea creatures during your story activity to bring it to life – they are a huge hit during our Play and Explore.



Mrs Franklin has had her recycling box nearby as you have been showing off those scissors skills.  Being able to pick up, hold and control a pair of scissors safely to make snips in paper is one of our Nursery statements.  Some of you blew her away with your ability to cut shapes out, knowing to turn the paper and not the scissors.

A message for parents – we look forward to seeing lots of you at the Summer Fayre tomorrow.  Please come along to our produce store where the children’s sunflowers are ready to buy and be (urgently) planted at home.  I wonder whose sunflower will grow to be the tallest and whether our cabin butterfly friends will come and visit them?

Enjoy the weekend all,

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X