Headteacher: Anna Moss

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5th May 2023

Thank you for coming along to see the children “Celebrate” in the best way we know how, through a dough disco.  So many faces, so many unknown faces and their first whole school sing as well - we were so proud of them.  I bet you were too.

Forest School

Go Global - Coronation

Mrs Allen has enjoyed teaching you how to make outdoor bunting using the pattern from the tree.  You have enjoyed rubbing red and blue crayons and cutting the patterns into triangles. Red and blue crates were also used to make a throne for our King and Queen of the Early Years.


Whole World in his Hands

In preparation for the whole school singing event this afternoon, we have been listening to and singing along to this catchy tune. The actions were added and you showed it all off brilliantly today. 

Dough Disco

Havana, Camilla Cabello

Thank you Olena for a much slower tune to dance to.  We talked about the singer Camilla and where Havana was.  We have been squashing the dough flat and drawing with it on the ceilings with a two armed circle move. – it looks good when the body is added.

Listening Game

Spring Bingo

With Spring in full swing (that rhymes!) we have been talking about the pictures on our Spring bingo boards and used our looking skills to spot when it was called out.  We have started spotting butterflies and bees in Forest School, the warm weather is definitely around the corner!


The cat sound, c

In keeping with the Coronation theme, we have been pulling out kings, crowns and cakes from the box this week.  We have begun practising our “sound-talking” as well – c-ow, c-oi-n, c-a-t.


Five frame patterns

The Number 6

We continued our five frame pattern work as you had to make the same pattern on the five frame that was on the picture card.  We have also been learning about the pattern of the number 6 and trying to roll as many as we can on the dice.  Seeing numbers and spotting familiar patterns are both key as we approach the end of the nursery year and you move into BIG school.

Communication and Language

My World, Your World

Melanie Walsh

A beautiful story to embed your understanding that there are different places in the world. This book explores how different these places look compared to our world.  Finding on the globe was fun too!  We will be sad to see this topic go – it has been a big hit for this year’s children.


The Trim Trail

The wobbly bridge was the challenge this week.  Climbing up, travelling across and climbing down from this equipment was tricky but we almost all have it!


Coronation Crowns

To become a King or Queen, you need a crown.  It took us three attempts to complete – paint/dry, paint/dry, cut and bend.  They looked good at the show though – we hope they survive to the end of the weekend!

A message for parents – we move into our new Happy and Healthy topic next week where we will be talking about how we do it. 

Save the Date – Friday 26th May 2pm – Nursery Sporting event (weather permitting) 

Have another lovely long weekend all! 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X