Headteacher: Anna Moss

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24th March 2023

It was lovely to chat to you all face-to-face on Tuesday and Wednesday – thank you all for coming along and we hope you enjoyed looking at the children’s learning journeys.  In the summer term, we will begin to allow the children to access these (with clean hands!!) and they will come home with them for you to keep in July.

Forest School

Bunnies and Weaving

Hopping bunnies was hilarious to watch – I have never seen bunnies in wellies!  Most definitely not the easiest thing to bounce in.  Mrs Allen has been showing you how to weave with sticks to teach you how to create nests.


Easter songs

We have been joining Red class for a daily “sing-song” as we have practised some fun Spring songs.  We look forward to sharing with you next Tuesday on the steps at 8.45am.  Tea and Toast will be open!

Write Dance

We’re going on an Easter Egg Hunt

A themed dance this week as we have been retelling a familiar story with a twist.  Pushing our way through the long grass and stomping through the river was fun!

Listening Game


You enjoyed going on a cabin egg hunt and collecting them for the Mother Hen who sat on them as they all hatched.  A song through role-play is always a good way to understand and remember words!


The goat sound, g

That gruffalo squashed everything in the /g/ box this week! The highlight had to be a visit from some real life /g/ animals when Miss Kuriger brought over Gordon and Fluff for a cuddle


Doubles to 5

To make our learning stick, we have used a doubles song.  I would highly recommend you take the time this weekend to share with the children – it is a good one that they (and me) love! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CX-jFsVtR4

Communication and Language

The Odd Egg, Emily Gravett

A beautiful story about a cracking egg.  You enjoyed decorating your own egg and matching with a friend. Always fun to have a pre story game!


Easter cards

We have been “crafting” our very own Spring chickens for our Easter cards.  The children have become quite attached to them as they look adorable! 

Dough Disco

We will rock you, Queen

Thank you Mia – great choice!  We have enjoyed following the rhythm pattern by slapping that dough flat but mostly enjoyed singing into the microphone! 

A message for parents – we will be having another “battery” toy week next week!  We are exploring how batteries make them move, light up and make sound and we are expecting a visit from our school Computing lead Miss Davis.  Get hunting this week and pack them ready.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  One more week to go!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X