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10th February 2023

The children have really enjoyed looking at their own and each other’s baby pictures, thank you for sending them.  We will be talking about this lifecycle next week and these resources really help them to gain an understanding of how much they have changed.

Forest School

Lifecycles - Butterfly

Talking about, sharing photos, books and creating a butterly den where they can grow has helped us to understand about our new lifecycle.  Nothing is as good as the real thing though so we all look forward to watching it happen in real life a little later in the year.


High and Low

A call and respond song of “Hello Nursery” has combined our high and low learning and finished off our Music topic of pitch.  As with all our learning, we will revisit weekly.

Write Dance

Wheels on the Bus

An old song with the mark-making element added.  We warmed up our arms, shoulders and hands in preparation to draw circles, lines and spot marks on paper with our chunky crayons.

Listening Game

Staying Quiet

It was time for Mrs Mander to take a snooze as you worked hard at keeping not only your voices off, but bodies quiet too.


The iguana sound, i

The box was full with lots of pictures of i – igloo, Incredibles, indigo but they were tricky to find with all those insects crawling around inside. Arrrggghhh! 


More than

As our Maths warm up, we matched up our new number shape pieces to the numerals 1-5, another “school ready” skill ticked off!  We then had fun, selecting one, comparing with a friend and saying who has more.  Definitely a skill to revisit and consolidate in the every day.  Seeing where there are more (and NOT counting) is an excellent skill to build on.

Communication and Language

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle

There isn’t any other book that teaches the butterfly lifecycle quite like this one and so an obvious one for Mrs Allen to share with you.  Her story spoons were a big hit too!

Dough Disco

I like to move it move it, Reel to Reel

A popular choice for all but chosen by Benji.  We have been punching our arms forwards and up to the music and changing the shape of the dough for other parts of the song.  We talked about Reel to Reel and the BIG country they come from, America.  Can you remember the pattern and colours on their flag?

A message for parents – counting forwards to ten and beyond accurately is a key nursery skill.  Have you ever tried asking them to count backwards? Knowing the pattern of numbers backwards is equally as important and one that gets forgotten.  Could you get into the habit of every time you count to any number, stop there and reverse it?  E.g. we count days of the week 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 pause 7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Bring on that glorious sunshine!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X