Headteacher: Anna Moss

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20th January 2023

Thank you for sending the children in all wrapped up and ready for the cold temperatures.  Please can you ensure that, if they come with own gloves, they are able to do it themselves - sometimes mittens are just the quickest option throughout this cold season.

Forest School


This week you have enjoyed collecting firewood and storing in a dry place ready for our fire on Wednesday.  It was a welcome bit of warmth to sit by (with some warm milk in hands).


High and Low

Hedgehog and Badger have been teaching us all about high and low sounds.  We enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to Harriet high and low on Tuesday.

Write Dance

Just Like This

Making marks on the table in shaving foam was definitely a highlight as we moved our arms up and down for marching and crossed over for the zigzags.  Sorry for the messy sleeves!

Listening Game

Sitting still

Sitting with bottoms on the chair, two feet on the floor and arms in front of us was fun this week as we played a game of Musical chairs.  Keep practising at home!


The astronaut sound, a

We enjoyed naming some interesting things in our box this week – asparagus, avocado and antelope.  Mrs Allen and Andy’s face made an appearance too.  We also blended our sounds together to make axe, arrow and ant. 


The Number 4

Learning about the pattern of four in a row and in a square was just the start of this week.  We enjoyed learning the song “Four”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFqZh8TS6hY  and proving that “2 plus 2” makes four with our friends.  Can you show this at home?

Communication and Language

Gruffalos Child,

Julia Donaldson

Mrs Allen enjoyed sharing another Winter story with you.  She brought along the characters and some fun activity cards to play before the story too.  So much more than just storytime!

Playground Game

Stuck in the Mud

This is our opportunity to run!  We “walk” out a safe square space and this week, enjoyed jogging around safely whilst Mrs Mander tried to stick you in the mud!

Dough Disco

What does the fox say?  Ylvis

Thank you Effy for this song!  Every year we enjoy singing along to the sounds a fox may make.  Foxy fingers were a challenge but so good to work those hands.  We talked about Ylvis and the country they come from – can you remember who else was born in Norway?

A message for parents – with our Early Years French club in full swing with Mrs Wilson on a Tuesday after school, our French nursery friends (and Mrs Mander) are learning so many new words and phrases through songs and dance and are practising in nursery every day.  Having an appreciation of other languages at such an early age is so important.  I hope they are teaching you all some everyday words for hat, coat, gloves, boots.  There are spaces available for anyone who would like to book in and come along 3.15-4.00!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X