Headteacher: Anna Moss

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18th November 2022

Happy Friday All!

A newly revamped Nursery weekly update which we are hoping is much easier for you to access on the parentapp.


Voice Sounds

We have been singing the call and respond song “Have you brought your singing voices?”  Which was your favourite voice?

Listening Game

Staying Quiet

We had to all stay quiet whilst a friend found the sound hiding under one of three buckets using only their ears.


Environmental Sounds

We have continued to listen and find more objects that make a sound in the cabin – what sounds can you hear in your house?


The Number 3

Recognising numicon 3, collecting 3, making a cuddle/circle/row of three with our friends and starting to see three in a five frame ready for next week.

Communication and Language

Traditional Tales

Three Billy Goats Gruff - you have enjoyed role playing the story with story spoons and small world blocks with Mrs Allen.  Who was hiding under the bridge?

Dough Disco

5 6 7 8, Steps

Thank you Billie!  We have been passing and spinning the dough to the music

Write Dance

Coming round the mountain

We have travelled around the mountain in a train, plane and automobile – can you remember the arm actions?  When the rain came, we made rainbow arches

Forest School

Crates and Ramps

On the patio, you have been building your own bridge to travel across with the crates and planks.  Was your friend a troll?

Outdoor Game

Follow the sand

We placed a blindfolded friend in the middle of a circle and chose another friend to take the tambourine for a walk around and stop.  Did they find it?

A message for parents – many thanks for your orders for packs of the children’s Christmas cards.  These will be prepared and come out to you next week ready for you to send to family and friends. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X