Headteacher: Anna Moss

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11th November 2022

Happy Autumn Term 2!

We hope you had a lovely half term.  The Autumn season will quickly turn into that Winter season before we know it so please ensure you look at the details on the Nursery Newsletter with regards to the clothing the children need now. 

Since our return last week, we have introduced the chime bars in Music as we begin to move our voice sounds from low to high.  This is helping us as we have now begun to practise our Nativity songs for the show.  We have completed two Write Dances – Up into the Sky and the Grand Old Duke of York.  When role playing soldiers, we had fun listening and responding to Reveille and The Last Post.  Our Listening Game has been all about the STOP/GO paddle and using this to climb through the tunnel.  We have officially begun the start of our reading journey with Indoor Sounds in Phonics.  Listening to and walking towards the sounds we heard was fun – the kettle appeared to be the most commonly heard!  Have a go this weekend at looking for and then listening to those sounds in your home.  In Maths we have been playing “2 or not 2” with objects and pictures, I hear lots are playing this at home now as well!  We have been learning about patterns with the same objects to begin and then combining with two different ones – this was a challenge for lots of you!  In your C&L session, Mrs Allen has been sharing stories about bonfires and poppies and you have had the chance to create your own bonfire pictures and poppies using collage in our afternoon Art session.  In Forest School you have had fun creating bonfires with sticks and leaves and this week, you built your very own poppy shop.  Our playground game last week was the Hokey Cokey and Tisket Tasket this week – both fun circle time games that we can play together before you head off to Play and Explore on your own.  Hattie chose Mr Blue Sky for Dough Disco last week, enjoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQUlA8Hcv4s.  Bani chose a classic Kylie number this week, Loco-motion.  Takes us back to our school days -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POWsFzSFLCE

A message for parents – please check the bags this weekend as lots of letters and tickets have been put in there in the run up to Christmas.  We will be filming part of the show on Monday 5th December and so if your little one does not attend on a Monday, please send them in for the morning (collection 11.30am). 

Enjoy the sun this weekend after all that rain!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X