Headteacher: Anna Moss

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16th September 2022

Happy Friday All! 

Our first full week and what a difference we are starting to notice in you coming away from your grown up, your independence with the waterproofs in getting in/out of Forest School and picking up our daily routine (it stays the same!).

Indoors we have begun our Write Dance journey as we have marched, built and zigzagged to our first song “Just Like This”.  We have also begun our Maths journey together with our speckled frogs indoors who got some of you wet when they jumped into the cool pool.  You had fun being frogs in our whole class role play outdoors – how funny was it to watch Mrs Allen leap frogging from the fire circle to our speckled log area.  After lunch, Mrs Allen has been sharing your family pet photographs (thank you for sending/bringing them in – keep them coming) as part of our Communication and Language (C&L) session.  Outdoors, the sand and the mud are officially………..OPEN!  The dinosaurs have been the biggest hit with lots of you enjoying hiding and finding in the sand.  In the mud kitchen, baking chocolate cakes seems to be the biggest hit. I wonder what area Mrs Allen will open next week?

A message for parents – clapping syllables for words is the start of our Literacy journey.  This weekend, can you model (and see if they join in), clapping out their name accurately.  If they are keen – family members too!

Have a lovely weekend all, be it a sad one!  School is open again on Tuesday.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X