Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 16th July 2021

What a hot Friday!

Our final full week in nursery and what a smashing week of weather we have had.  We have managed our second week with all of our day spent outdoors (except for lunch and quiet time) and finished with a bang today as we watched Red class have a fire.  We have enjoyed revisiting many of our old games using Hedgehog and Badger, a beanbag and Freddie’s favourite song, “Happy” which was actually our very first dough disco song.  The visit to Red class for most of you was very special as Mrs Webb shared s story with you, played a listening game and you enjoyed the play choices on offer in the classroom.  How grown up you all looked as you lined up to go in – Mrs Webb is now very excited to have you in September with all those listening skills you showed her on Wednesday!

We have spent the day today sharing your Learning Journeys with you, such a treasured book “all about you” to keep forever – “until I die” in the words of Hamish!  We hope you enjoy these with your families – you have changed so much since the Autumn season.

Three more days to go next week and they continue to look like hot days.  Please remember to send in the children with their sunhats and suncream (first layer applied before they arrive!) so they can enjoy all that is on offer in our outdoor space.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X