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Nursery News ~ 2nd July 2021

Happy Friday All!

Mr Beattie has had a huge smile on his face all week as we have been dancing with our dough to his disco song ’Reach’ by S Club 7.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50kP4S0peAs  After watching this clip, I think it is safe to say our disco moves were so much better with our shake, point and reach/rainbow.  I know some of you have been singing and dancing to this at home.  Get ready for next week as we have Connie’s choice with a classic Proclaimers song – there is going to be some walking actions somewhere in this song!.  Our listening game has been all about the beanbags as we have had to listen to the words and follow the actions of putting the beanbag on our head, under our chin and in our left and right hand.  In Phonics we have continued blending our CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with the /e/ sound in the middle.  Ben’s face made us all smile when he realised we were moving our robot arms to his name.  Have you shown these robot arms at home yet?  Try it with ten, hen, den, pen.  We have also used our scissors skills to snip up our names and tried to piece our very own puzzle back together.

With the weather being so warm towards the end of the week, we decided to shut the cabin doors and take the rest of our learning outdoors.  We have explored who is tall, who is short and began using the measuring stick to see how tall we all are.  Our gross motor skills have been tested as we have been learning how to hang safely on the monkey bars.  It always make me smile to see those of you who can hook your feet across the top and hang upside down.  We have begun talking about our new topic “Summer” as we have shared the story On the Beach.  It was fun spotting which vehicle the little boy was going to travel on next in the pictures.  We have looked at our summer bingo boards too and talked about signs of summer – can you remember any of them?    With the weather predicted to rain, Mrs Allen had planned some lovely wet weather activities but it never came!  You helped her make rain collectors to fit around Forest School and predicted which one would catch the most rain.  They may be there for some time now whilst we wait for them to fill up.  The tiny bit of rain they did collect was used to water the fast growing lettuce.  Next week, like our story, the sandpit is having a transformation and becoming the beach.  Mrs Allen will bring towels, buckets and spades and blankets – what do you think the chances are the rain will come then!?

A message for parents – it was lovely to see lots of you at the summer fayre last week and thank you for helping support the school by purchasing the sunflowers the children have planted and created.  We still have some left and so if you would like to buy, please send £2.50 in and they will come home with it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – summer holiday is almost here!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team. X