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Nursery News ~ 30th April 2021

Happy Friday!

We are back in the swing of Nursery life in the summer term as we have opened up the trim trail to Nursery children.  After lunch, the children have the opportunity for a 15-minute play on some rather large and challenging equipment – excellent for their Physical Development.  This play opportunity is preparing them for life in Red class for lots of the children as they are managing their own risk at a whole new level.  We were very impressed with the talk partner work of thinking up their own Trim Trail rules – I wonder if they can remember and share them with you this weekend?  They will make you smile, especially Neve Yorke’s suggestion about the ladybirds on the trail.

In the cabin we have been learning about Pitch with our Music song “Hello Anna”.  We have been calling and responding and passing the ball to “someone new”.  Next week we will see if we are ready to call and respond at different pitches with our puppets Hedgehog and Badger.  In Phonics we have begun work on alliteration.  Hearing the first sounds of words is a key skill on our reading journey.  This week we have listened to the grownups sounds for Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Miss Turner.  I wonder if they can share the sound, the action and name the letter e.g. the sound is “mmmmm”, the action is hand on tummy, rubbing in a circle and the letter name is an “Em”.  Florence and I had so much fun when we tried to trick the rest of the team by mixing up our m, a and t objects but we weren’t quick enough to win the game.  Our Listening game has been all about Looking as we have played the game Dobble as a whole class -  a super game to practice those Looking skills.  In Maths we have all been robots with our own remote controls.  Can you remember the five symbols on the plate?  Can you remember what happens when we press the square button?

Outdoors we have been dough discoing to Pippa’s favourite singer Rihanna with the song Dancing in the Dark from the film Home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd3xfhPmPPY   We have continued to watch and talk about changes of the tadpoles in the tank after a near fatal accident.  Using some story stones we have been learning about the lifecycle from frogspawn – tadpole – frogpole – frog.  Next week we move on the human life cycle as we share some hilarious baby photos – thank you for sending them in.  Out in Forest School, Mrs Allen has been sharing the story “I am Frog” and you have been making your own frog using parts of an egg box – they look brilliant!  We have also revisited the fishing game by making our own rods and trying to hook a fish.  This has linked us nicely into some Science work on sinking and floating as later in the week, you got to test which items in Forest School sank and which floated.  Unfortunately, the sinking items meant a lot of wet sleeves – see message below.

A message for parents – please can you ensure the children come dressed for outdoor play with jumpers and coats on (even if they are just in their bag at drop off) as the mornings are still quite chilly.  Could you also ensure that you send in a whole change of outfit (including a spare jumper) and one cuddly toy for Quiet Time is enough.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X