Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 23rd April 2021

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break.  It has been lovely to have all the children return to us with chocolate in their tummies, smiles on their faces and sunhats on their heads.  The weather has certainly helped the return to school for all of us.  Now we are heading into the summer term, please could you ensure that on the sunny days, sun cream is applied before they come to school and if they are staying all day, the bottle is put in their bag for an afternoon application!  Although it has been sunny, it certainly hasn’t been that warm in the mornings.  Please can we request that children continue to wear a warm jumper and a coat for a little while longer.  It definitely isn’t warm enough in the cabin for t-shirts only as we have the windows and doors open all the time for ventilation.  Coats are a must for our morning Forest School sessions and the shady Quiet Area after lunch.

In the cabin this week, we have finally said goodbye to Cyril Squirrel as he played his final rhyming game with us – Odd One Out.  This concept was a new one for most of you and one that we need to return to.  Being able to spot the Odd One Out from a group of three where two have something the same and the other doesn’t is quite a challenge for 3 and 4 year olds.  Perhaps you could have a go at this game on the weekend by laying three objects in a row.  We have been winding the bobbin up with our rhyme of the week and to make it fun, changing the order, words and actions!  Our listening game has been introduced by our sequencing caterpillar where you have had a go at listening to up to 3 instrumental sounds and finding out if you can store these sounds in your head and show them in order.  In Maths we have been learning about more or less and had fun with a more/less disco party!   

Outdoors, we have enjoyed our dough disco circle time in the Quiet Area but instead of dough we have been moving the monkeys to their favourite tune “Dance Monkey” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gADgM89skZQ We have been sharing the non-fiction book FROG and have been sharing daily the lifecycle of a frog.  We are lucky enough to have our very own transforming in front of our eyes – we are keeping a close eye on the legs growing as this is when we will start to build a habitat for them in the school pond and NOT in the Nursery cabin.  In Forest School, Mrs Allen has been showing you how to make salt free dough and you have had fun making faces using this with natural objects found in around you.  It is funny to walk in to a dough face stuck to the tree or wall – makes us smile every time!  Drawing with charcoal from the fire has also been a big hit – it makes a change and is much more easy to use than the mud!  If you have an outdoor fire on a summer evening, have a go at mark making with it the next day!  Mrs Allen has also been recapping on the rules around the fire circle and discussed the safety part of not entering the fire circle.  I feel a Nursery fire must be imminent……

A message for parents – Spring term invoices will have come out in bags today.  Please do come to Nursery staff with any queries rather than the school office.

Enjoy some sun this weekend everyone.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X