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Nursery News ~ 22nd January 2021

Happy Friday!

What a wet week it has been – the wet socks have officially begun.  It was lovely to see (you actually showed me) lots of you wearing two pairs of socks this week like Mrs Mander and Percy the Park Keeper.  Double socks is a must during these Winter months!

In the cabin we have had fun with our Music song for the week, “Johnny works with one hammer”.  This song is excellent at teaching pulse to the children as they sing and move to a steady, fast and slow pulse.  Ask them to show you!  Maisie made us all laugh yesterday when she found the wooden hammer in Forest School and spent the morning being “Johnny”, hammering everything she could find.  In Phonics, we have been enjoying our last week on Instrumental sounds as we have been moving our bodies to different instruments.  Can you remember how you moved to the maraca, the drum and the castanets?  The bells matched the skipping action – such a challenge but Neve D, brilliant!  You were the skipping queen showing us all how to do it.  Perhaps have a go this weekend – lift one knee up, hop, swap legs, repeat.  We have taken our Maths learning outside as we have been learning about in front/behind.  Boy/Girl hide and seek was a lot of fun – you found some things to hide behind in Forest School, if only you could work on not giggling when doing it the game would be perfect.  Our Nursery Rhyme has been “Rain Rain Go Away” and we had fun changing the weather and day of the week.  Dough Disco has had us boogieing to “Rappers Delight” with both the dough and for our Sitting Still game on the floor and chairs!

Our C&L session has continued outdoors where we have finally finished our story One Snowy Night.  Miss Turner was laughing at how long it took me to get to the end of the story but we had fun along the way didn’t we?  The highlight for me this week was Parker – “Mrs Mander, that squirrel is miserable”.  HURRAH – exploring, talking about, showing new tier 2 vocabulary really worked!  Your outdoor story with Mrs Allen was Lost and Found and you had fun retelling the story with the family of penguins and polar bears in the tuft tray on the patio.  With so much rain, the tray filled up with water and so Mrs Allen showed you how to make boats using metal trays.  A funny moment was when “Windy Wednesday” kept making all the boats fly away and you chased them around Forest School. In the afternoons, you have been practising your twisting skills as you have been attaching pipe cleaner snowflakes to the sand netting.  I think it was so wet one day, you stayed in the Boot Room and practised your knotting skills.

A message for parents – we have begun practising our knife and fork skills during Indoor Play with the playdough.  Please could you help support us by practising at home too – “stab and slice”!

Have a lovely weekend all

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X