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Nursery News ~ 27th November 2020

Hello my Zooming Friends!

This has to be strangest week ever for us with me only seeing you via Zoom – what a funny world we are living in.  Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin and Miss Checkley have done a super job in managing the whole day without me and even managed to improve their IT skills by getting me live on the big TV screen. I have enjoyed seeing your smiling faces every morning and we had some fun doing our Write Dance “The Rainbow” and Dough Disco “Dancing on the Ceiling” together.  We did just about manage to play some of our circle time games together – my favourite was when one of you hid off camera and I had to spot who was missing. 

Outdoors Mrs Allen has been as busy as always by sharing the story “Bear has a story to tell” and you have had the chance to role-play using those soft animals.  You shared some information books too with the grownups and found out which animals hibernate.  I wonder if you can remember any?  In the afternoons, you have been making hibernating spaces using large and small sticks.  Miss Checkley has been busy creating some special artwork with you all that will make its way home over the next few weeks. 

I know you have also had fun practising your Nativity songs with Red class and Mrs Webb; I cannot wait to hear the songs you have learnt when I return next week.  A message for the grownups, the new Nativity filming date is Wednesday 9th December and NOT Monday 7th December.  If your child does not attend on a Wednesday and you want them to take part, please do let me know.

I hope you all a lovely weekend, especially to all those Nursery staff, and I look forward to seeing many of your faces at the Nursery Class Family Learning event on Wednesday evening.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X