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Nursery News ~ 20th November 2020

Hello My Little Rainbow Singers!

Well Thursday was definitely a highlight of the week for me.  Singing alongside you in Red class as part of our Early Years bubble and completing our Dough Disco routine to You Are My Sunshine whilst being filmed didn’t seem to phase you at all.  I think your grown ups are in for a treat when they watch this DVD – a definite Christmas show to watch this year at home with your families!  A huge thank you to those of you who came in to join us even though Thursday wasn’t your day.

This week I have truly enjoyed dancing with you during our Write Dance song of She’ll be coming round the mountain and our Dough Disco song of You Should be Dancing.  Watching you spin your arms and cheer “yeah” at the top of your face has brought a smile to all the children of Blackwell who could hear you.  I hope you have enjoyed this Bee Gees song as much as I have – why not find out if you can listen to it at home?  We have continued our games with Miss Muddy Boots during our Phonics session as she kept on hiding in the cabin and we had to help our friend to find her.  We used our Red, Amber and Green voices and sang our Nursery Rhyme Round and Round the Garden as a clue for when our friends were near and far away.  Our traffic light voices are something we will be practising all year round – I wonder whether you could work out times of the day at home this weekend when your Red, Amber and Green voices could be used?  Would you use your Green voice at bedtime?  How about your Red voice in the garden?  In Maths we have been singing and showing our “counting on” skills with the song Three in a Row.  Could you find three objects this weekend and put them in a row?  Sing the song as you move them around and add one more.  Our Communication and Language (C&L) sessions after lunch have been fun as we have been exploring our new word “taste”.  We all “tasted” hot, cold and just right porridge (Shhhh don’t tell the bears) and had a blindfold taste test where Arden, Benji and Connie had to work out whether it was banana, apple or orange!  Why not try a new taste this weekend – remember let your tongue decide whether you like it or not before your eyes do!

Outdoors we have continued our work on standing in front and behind our log as we all so want a Christmas Fire!  Staying safe around the fire circle is a key skill to learn at Blackwell as Forest School happens in all year groups, no matter how old you are.  J  Mrs Allen has shared with you the story “Peace at Last” by Jill Murphy.  This week, the soft toy animals really came into their own as you role-played the story with other animals waking up Mr Bear!  That snake was very noisy!  It was lovely to see lots of you sequencing and retelling the story using the pictures too – clearly a popular story at home!  We all thought Mrs Allen was crazy when she told us to lie down outside on the floor.  It was fine though as we had our waterproofs on and enjoyed listening to all the sounds around us in the Forest School.  I think it is a good job Mr Bear isn’t trying to get to sleep here!!  In the afternoons, Mrs Allen has been showing you how to move other things down the pipes rather than just water.  Racing cars was a favourite with lots of you.  You enjoyed exploring how to make them move faster by lifting the pipes up higher.  SCIENCE in Nursery?? Mrs James would be impressed!  You moved on as the week progressed to linking pipes together to pour and catch water – the rain we had towards the end of the week helped!

A message for the grownups, please could you help support our snack and lunch times by encouraging the children to taste something new this weekend.  We are always working to encourage trying new tastes and even if it is just a lick, it is trying something new!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, let’s hope it isn’t too wet!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X