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Nursery News ~ 18th September 2020

Hello Nursery.
What a week with all this glorious sunshine!  Thank you to your grownups for sending in the sun hats and sun cream as it made your play experience outside as good as it can possibly be.  We cannot believe you are all only three, what a mature group of three-year olds you are.  You have picked up our routines following our daily timetable so quickly, we have never seen a group this good, this early on.  Next week, I will send home a copy of our visual timetable and you can share it with your family and talk about what each picture means.  This will be a duplicate of our visual timetable up in the cabin and so will hopefully help some of you who struggle with how long your day is by counting the number of pictures you will be doing each day.  We then always reinforce to each child during morning register e.g. today Lyla, you will be doing four pictures.
In the cabin, we have been able to start some focus circle time sessions a lot earlier in the year than normal due to your ability to sit still, look and listen.  We have begun our listening games by learning that "A Good Listener always looks at the person talking".  This is a little challenging for children of three and so we always begin by playing the game "Who Looks Different". In this game, one person hides their eyes, whilst we add something to a friend in the circle (sunglasses, stethoscope, cape, flower necklace).  The person who is on then has to return to the group and spot who looks different.  After our morning Forest School session we have started our routine of a Maths session before lunch in the cabin.  Singing about five frogs, monkeys and ducks has shown me how good your counting is too!  Next week we begin learning our weekly Maths song (get ready grownups!) and start a more focused Maths circle time by looking and exploring the Number 1.  It sounds easy but there are so many things to learn about the number 1!
Outdoors in Forest School, Mrs Allen has opened up the gully and the crate shed.  You have had fun fishing with the rods (a stick and a piece of string) and trying to hook those fish (a cork and hook).  I took some wonderful photographs of you all sat like little gnomes waiting for the fish to come along.  You have also been playing with the toy boats and working out ways to make them move quicker through the gully using the tools on offer and today you had to find some things in Forest School that would float down the gully e.g. leaf, bark.  Building with the red and blue crates is always a favourite, it is always great to see you designing vehicles to travel in.
Just a quick reminder to the parents, when you drop off, can you ensure you let Mrs Moss or me know what time you will be collecting as we are desperately trying to restrict the movement around the school as well as keep the children settled.  A quick email on a Sunday night to let me know would work too!  🙂
Fingers crossed for some more sunshine this weekend - enjoy every second, I know I will!
Mrs Mander and all of the Nursery Team X