Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Happy Half Term Blue Class

Well done Blue Class for another successful half term during which you continued to work hard with resilience and enthusiasm. We kicked off 2023 with an exciting 'Build a Business' topic where you created your own 'Little Blackwell Bakery' business. Working as a team, you designed and made a variety of delicious bread, took orders with great confidence over the phone and raised lots of money for a local foodbank. You should feel very proud you have helped families who may be finding things tricky at the moment showing what caring and thoughtful citizens you are growing into. A big thank you must also go to your families who supported your 'Little Blackwell Bakery' business.

Today ended our 'Our World' topic where we enjoyed reading stories from other cultures, created a class piece of textile artwork for our main entrance and learned all about the Hindu faith. Our trip to the Hindu temple this week was certainly a fascinating one particularly being able to observe many rituals and seeing artefacts and hearing stories learned about in school. Visiting such a place, for many of us, was very different and new but the respect and curiosity shown by all of you was noted by our guide and other visitors there. It has also been lovely to hear from many of your parents how much knowledge you have shared with them following this trip. These experiences are important in helping you to understand how diverse our local area is and how such diversity helps make our community and wider world an interesting place to live.

It has been a busy and hardworking half term so you deserve a well earned rest next week. Enjoy time at home or away, with lots of time to rest and play. A little bit of reading and times table practice would be really helpful too so that you continue where you left off when you return. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 27th February where we will travel back in time to 900 AD and have another dilemma to solve together! 

Be safe, helpful and kind and we'll see you all soon.

Love from Miss Townsend, Miss Kuriger and Mrs Gwilliam xxx