Headteacher: Anna Moss

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School News

Parent Governor

Thank you to all those who showed an interest in becoming a governor and to our three candidates. We are grateful for your interest and dedication. Claire Kirkby-Webb has been voted onto the Governing Body. Thank you all.

Returning staff

Mrs Hampton and Mrs Dudek will be returning to the classrooms at Blackwell after half term. This is because, sadly, Miss Turner will be relocating during the year and we are preparing for her unknown date of departure. Thank you.


Memory Cafe- The children are looking forward to the Memory Cafe on Friday morning. This event is for invited residents / family members who have already spoken with class teachers about being prepared to talk with the children about their memories or family members' memories of WW2. We are welcoming eight Burcot Grange residents. This morning is not a general event for everyone. Thank you.

Children in Red, Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue Classes will experience an autumn ramble on Monday morning. Please make sure that their wellies are in school along with a waterproof coat and spare bottoms/ socks in case of a downpour!

Thank you and Happy Holiday

Dear All,

On behalf of the staff, thank you for all of your kind words and gifts at the end of term. We are very grateful. We hope you enjoy a good break and look forward to seeing you all again on September 4th, if not before during Holiday Club. Please see the Parentapp regarding a 'Memory Cafe', supporting our local history study, during September.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss