Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Diary Dates

Autumn Term 2019

2.9.19 - 3.9.19 School closed for TE Days

4.9.19 School opens for children

16.9.19 PFTA meeting at school- 7pm- all welcome

23.9.19 Book Fair after school Monday-Thursday this week

25.9.19 Open Evening for current families and the community- 6-7.30pm- all welcome

27.9.19 Memory Cafe - Local History study- invited guests

16.10.19 Open Evening for prospective families for Reception/ Nursery 2020- 6.30-7.30pm

23.10.19 YR eye tests

24.10.19 Purple Class assembly- 8.45am- families welcome

24.10.19 School closes for children

25.10.19 School closed for TE Day

28.10.19 - 1.11.19 Half Term

4.11.19 School opens for children

5.11.19 Individual school photographs

6.11.19 Family learning evening - 6-7pm- Red Class families welcome

11.11.19 Influenza vaccinations

15.11.19 £1 to wear non uniform for Children In Need

19/20/21.11.19 Parent consultation meetings

6.12.19 Christmas Fair - 6pm

10.12.19 Piano concert for Mrs Cutler's pianists- 2.30pm

12.12.19 Piano concert for Mrs Grew's pianists - 3.30pm

13.12.19 Christmas Concert filming morning- please order your DVDs!

13.12.19 Christmas Lunch

17.12.19 Christmas Concert- Red and Green Classes- 9.30am St Catherine's Church- 2/3 adults per child welcome

17.12.19 Christmas Concert- Purple, Yellow and Blue Classes- 1.30pm St Catherine's Church- 2 adults per child welcome 

19.12.19 Christmas Concert - Purple, Yellow and Blue Classes- 9.30am St Catherine's Church- 2 adults per child welcome

19.12.19 Christmas Concert- Red and Green Classes - 1.30pm St Catherine's Church- 2/3 adults per child

(If toddlers attend concerts, please sit them on an adult's lap and take them into 'The Wheel' at the side of the church if they become restless. Photographs and filming is welcomed but no images/ films are to be uploaded onto social media for child protection reasons).

20.12.19 Party Day- children may wear own clothes and remember sensible shoes and an outdoor coat are still required. Pantomime day.

20.12.19 Christmas Coffee sing song- 2.30pm- Nursery families

20.12.19 School closes for children

Spring Term 2020

6.1.20 School closed for TE Day

7.1.20 School opens for children

9.1.20 Whole school theatre trip

20.1.19 Red class hearing tests

30.1.20 Blue Class assembly- 8.45am - families welcome

31.1.20 Green Class assembly - 8.45am- families welcome

14.02.20 School closes for children

17.2.20 - 21.2.20 Half Term

24.2.20 School opens for children

4/5.3.20 Parent Consultation meetings

20.3.20 SCHOOL PARTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (open for children of key workers only)

3.4.20 Easter Coffee morning- families welcome- cancelled 

3.4.20 Easter sing song- 2.30pm - Nursery families welcome- cancelled

3.4.20 School closes for children

 HOLIDAY CLUB- 6-9.4.20 8am-5pm- cancelled- school open for children of key workers

Summer Term 2020

20.4.20 School opens for children

27.4.20 Whole school museum educational visit- cancelled

8.5.20 Bank Holiday (4.5.20 Bank Holiday cancelled)

11.5.20 YR height and weight checks- postponed

13.5.20 Picture Perfect Art Gallery- 3.30-5pm- families welcome0 cancelled

14.5.20 Yellow Class assembly- 8.45am- families welcome- cancelled

22.5.20 Sport's Day (morning) Whole School - families welcome- cancelled

22.5.20 Sport's Day (afternoon) Nursery - families welcome - cancelled

22.5.20 School closes for children

25.5.20 - 29.5.20 Half Term

1.6.20 School opens for children

8.6.20 Educational visit- Red and Green Classes- cancelled

15.6.20 Educational visit - Purple, Yellow and Blue Classes- cancelled

17.6.20 Storyclub starts for new Red Class children -arrangements for induction of new children TBC

1.7.20 Stay and Play starts for new Nursery children- arrangements for induction of new children TBC

1-3.7.20 Year 4 residential- TBC or postponed if not possible on this date

10.7.20 Annual reports

13.7.20 Children visit new classes- TBC

13.7.20 New Nursery parent meeting- 5.30pm- TBC

13.7.20 New Red Class parent meeting- 6.30pm- TBC

14.7.20 New Year 2 parent meeting- 6pm- TBC

15.7.20 New year 3 and 4 parent meeting- 6pm- TBC

16.7.20 Red Class assembly - families welcome- TBC

16.7.20 New Year 1 parent meeting- 6pm - TBC

17.7.20 Year 4 breakfast 9am- families welcome - TBC

17.7.20 School closes for children

20.7.20 School closed for TE day

HOLIDAY CLUB - If the current lockdown has been lifted, school will open for 5 weeks of the summer holidays for HOLIDAY CLUB.