Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Happy New Year!

Hello Purple Class...we are now in 2019, although I wonder how long it will take me not to put 2018 on the board...you'll have to help me out!

I really hope you have had a great break so far. Thank you so much for your wonderful and generous gifts for Christmas. Miss Arscott, Mrs Moran and I are very grateful, so thank you.

Peggy and Bertie were very pleased with their carrots as an early treat and on Christmas day opened their pine cone garland (it's been munched a bit), their sunflower seed gingerbread man (only one leg was left by lunchtime) and their tasty hay (a big hit too). I have sent the card you made to the rescue centre where we got Bertie from and I'm sure they will be very pleased to hear how he is getting on. The guineas have developed a new bad habit - tipping the bowl upside down. I have tried explaining to them that it's not a good plan as they then can't get to the food, but they didn't seem to take that in. They haven't done it today...yet.

When I see you all on Monday, we will begin our topic of 'Best Books'. Please have a think about what your favourite book is and if you have it, bring it in to show. You'll need to be able to explain a little bit about the book and what makes it your 'best book'. I'm sure we'll have a good variety. I've got some of my favourites to share too. Peggy and Bertie have their favourite book at school already - they're trying to get top marks - teacher's pets :)

See you soon.

Miss Kuriger, Peggy (currently munching nuggets) and Bertie (currently munching hay)