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Nursery News ~ 2nd October 2020

Hello Nursery!

Well we certainly got caught in that rain this morning didn’t we?  We had some very wet hoods and the waterproofs were put to the test.  It was all worth it though as we were lucky enough to join Red class on their first visit to the BIG Forest School.  We paired up with a friend from Red class, held hands across the road, played a game of “1,2,3 Where are you?” and then had a chance to explore on our own.  It is certainly a lot more like a Forest than our own.  The reason behind the visit was to get us ready for our new topic next week – Autumn.  We looked for signs of Autumn this morning, I wonder if you can spot some signs of Autumn when you are out and about this weekend.  Remember the Bear Song “Look High, Look Low, Look Everywhere You Go”.

In the cabin, we have been disco dancing this week to “Happy”.  We have learnt about the Number 2 and created repeating patterns with the “Pattern Parrot” song and enjoyed our disco song playing “Disco Twos”.  Can you remember the name we use when we have two of something?  We then took our disco song outdoors into the Quiet Area after lunch for some Dough Disco!  What a hit this was.  Dough Disco is all about getting those fingers, hands and wrists strong and ready for handwriting.  We choose a different disco song every week – I wonder if you or your grownups could share with me some of your favourite songs and I will create the dough disco routine!  We have had some excellent songs over the past few years.  Our Looking skills are improving with our daily listening games – this week, we played Matching Pairs and we had to spot the grown-ups that are the same – naming them was a bit more of a challenge!  Show your families how we show “same” and “not the same” with your Peter Pointers! I have just placed the grown-up faces on the Creative shelf ready for your Indoor Play on Monday morning.

Outdoors, in our own Forest School, we have continued to explore new areas of the Forest and this week has been all about the tree swing.  This swing is a lot trickier than the ones we are used to as it is a simple stick and rope swing.  Mrs Allen showed you how to climb on safely and even trickier, how to stay on safely.  A little more practise needed on this one I think.  You have continued using the watering cans to water the seeds and what a lot of fun we had in the gully with them as you enjoyed pouring muddy water down the guttering.  Watching how excited James got when the water started moving faster made us smile – can you think why the water moved faster when the guttering was moved higher?  Perhaps try this at home.  Mrs Allen has also opened up the Story Area – hooray! Who knew a piece of tarpaulin, three rabbits, bowls, spoons and a Cinderella bear could impress you so much.  These characters and objects were used to retell a different version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  It was lovely to see lots of you choosing to role-play in this area afterwards with your friends.

A message for the grownups, some children are coming into Nursery with warm hats/gloves/scarves on.  This is great if you feel the weather is cool enough.  The scarves will be placed in their bags as we do not have scarves around necks when exploring the outdoors, the gloves will be placed in their bags or coats pockets as we have our own fleece lined gloves and the hats will definitely be worn on a non-rainy day.  There is no need for spares, they will come back home to you.

Have a lovely wet weekend everyone and don’t forgot to spot those signs of Autumn to share with us next week!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X

Nursery News

Hello Nursery!

Another week has flown by, along with the wind today!  What another successful week we have had, coming away from those grownups in the morning – only a few tears but then a cuddle and a chat about what we will be doing or what you will be doing later has stopped them!  In the backpacks this week, you will find our visual timetable.  This is exactly the same as the timetable we have displayed in the Nursery.  Please share these with your families this weekend and tell them what each picture means.  On Monday we will start using this a little more as we will be turning each one over as the day moves on - this will help those wobbly children.  J

In the cabin this week, we played another game to learn, the RED Listening Rule that “Good Listening is looking at the person talking”.  We have used our dressing up objects from last week, laid them out in a line and when your eyes were closed, I stole one away.  Well done to those children who were able to spot which one was missing and a big well done to those of you who were able to keep those lips together and not shout out the answer – this is so hard when you are three!  We have also learnt two new songs and dances – a Write Dance song of “We Can Do Anything” and a Maths song of “Funky Monkey Finger Dance” – I hope you have been singing and dancing to them at home as much as I have!  We have been learning about the Number 1 - what Numicon 1 looks likes, hunting for Numicon 1 (can you remember where I hid them?), singing to Numicon 1 (Numicon 1, Numicon 1, Where Are You), showing Number 1 with objects and Bunny Ears.  Phew – that is a lot of Number 1 work!  During our circle time after lunch we have been singing to our Nursery Rhyme of the week “If You’re Happy and You Know It” but with a twist, we have added voice sounds and even begun singing and learning the actions to our own initial sounds!  I wonder whether some of you may remember what your initial sound and action is?

Outdoors in Forest School, you have had all sorts of weather – sunshine, wind and our very first rainy day came!  Can you believe how much water collects in the Mud Kitchen during and after the rain?  So many wet mud pies were created.  You had so much fun collecting and moving the muddy water from one part to the next.  Connie is always the “Queen of the Mud” and she showed us all how to travel through the muddy puddles to ensure we are not splashing our friends too much.  You must have taken this on board as we didn’t have that many muddy or wet socks and trousers that we normally do at this time of year.  J  In the afternoons, Mrs Allen has been showing you where to find the watering cans and how to fill them – now the fun really begins in the gully with a tool to transfer the water around.  The pipes have created some fun play options too and it is always amazing to see the designs you create to make things move through the pipes.  Planting seeds and watering them daily has also been on the job list and playing “Follow my Leader” around the Forest School is always a fun game to play and watch!

A reminder for parents, after lunch our circle time is outside in the Quiet Area whilst Mrs Franklin and Miss Checkley clear away after lunch and lay down beds/blankets.  With the weather getting a touch cooler (nothing compared to what we experience!) please can you ensure that you send them in with a warm coat that you would be happy for them to wear to play outside.  We always start with the expectation of them finding their own coat and putting it on themselves e.g. hood on head, find arms and the grownups will always help with those zips.  Please support us by practising this at home, keep your hands in your pocket and allow them time to do – they all can, I have seen it!  On another note, the water bottles (empty and full) are no longer needed as we are increasing the volume of water/milk we give the children on three different occasions throughout the day with an additional extra drink from a cup for those that request it.  I am sure you will find some use for these at home or if you prefer, we can keep for them at nursery (like we do slippers/boots). 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X

Nursery News ~ 18th September 2020

Hello Nursery.
What a week with all this glorious sunshine!  Thank you to your grownups for sending in the sun hats and sun cream as it made your play experience outside as good as it can possibly be.  We cannot believe you are all only three, what a mature group of three-year olds you are.  You have picked up our routines following our daily timetable so quickly, we have never seen a group this good, this early on.  Next week, I will send home a copy of our visual timetable and you can share it with your family and talk about what each picture means.  This will be a duplicate of our visual timetable up in the cabin and so will hopefully help some of you who struggle with how long your day is by counting the number of pictures you will be doing each day.  We then always reinforce to each child during morning register e.g. today Lyla, you will be doing four pictures.
In the cabin, we have been able to start some focus circle time sessions a lot earlier in the year than normal due to your ability to sit still, look and listen.  We have begun our listening games by learning that "A Good Listener always looks at the person talking".  This is a little challenging for children of three and so we always begin by playing the game "Who Looks Different". In this game, one person hides their eyes, whilst we add something to a friend in the circle (sunglasses, stethoscope, cape, flower necklace).  The person who is on then has to return to the group and spot who looks different.  After our morning Forest School session we have started our routine of a Maths session before lunch in the cabin.  Singing about five frogs, monkeys and ducks has shown me how good your counting is too!  Next week we begin learning our weekly Maths song (get ready grownups!) and start a more focused Maths circle time by looking and exploring the Number 1.  It sounds easy but there are so many things to learn about the number 1!
Outdoors in Forest School, Mrs Allen has opened up the gully and the crate shed.  You have had fun fishing with the rods (a stick and a piece of string) and trying to hook those fish (a cork and hook).  I took some wonderful photographs of you all sat like little gnomes waiting for the fish to come along.  You have also been playing with the toy boats and working out ways to make them move quicker through the gully using the tools on offer and today you had to find some things in Forest School that would float down the gully e.g. leaf, bark.  Building with the red and blue crates is always a favourite, it is always great to see you designing vehicles to travel in.
Just a quick reminder to the parents, when you drop off, can you ensure you let Mrs Moss or me know what time you will be collecting as we are desperately trying to restrict the movement around the school as well as keep the children settled.  A quick email on a Sunday night to let me know would work too!  🙂
Fingers crossed for some more sunshine this weekend - enjoy every second, I know I will!
Mrs Mander and all of the Nursery Team X

Nursery News ~ 11th September 2020

Hello Nursery.

We have made it to the end of our first week and we are lucky that the weather has made it so pleasant for us. We have all enjoyed playing in the sand, especially when Red class joined us as they have some excellent play ideas. The mud kitchen and baking mud cakes was also a favourite activity – I don’t think I have ever eaten so much cake. This year I have a good feeling that we have a team of mark makers as you created some colourful patterns on the patio. I hope the hands weren’t too colourful when they all returned home to you.

Indoors we have started working on our Gross Motor skills by singing, dancing and today moving around to our song “Just Like This”. I hope you managed to share the four actions with your families? Marching, Building, Zigzagging and Eating (Mrs Mander’s favourite!). We have worked hard on our handwashing too every morning. A big thank you to Martha and her mummy who have shown us how to make “Bubble Gloves” – keep practising making these at the weekend to keep those germs away. Our Maths journey began with a favourite song of “Five Little Speckled Frogs” but in true Nursery style, we changed the frogs to ducks and the log to a red bus. What made us giggle more was when the frogs leapt into a big pool, made a huge splosh and poor Nina and Neve got wet! Those frogs are now ready for you to play with during our Indoor Play sessions and next week the Five Naughty Monkeys will be joining us for some more counting fun.

Have a lovely weekend with your families and get plenty of rest ready for some fun next week!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team

Welcome to Nursery

Hello Nursery!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break.

We cannot wait to have you all return for some fun in the cabin and forest.

Our first topic is "All About Me" where we will be getting to know more about our older friends and finding lots out about our new friends.

Please remember to bring your own backpack every day with:

-a change of clothes

-an empty water bottle

-one small soft toy/comforter (if required)

Whenever your first day is, please also bring in your named wellington boots and slippers to stay with us for the year.

See you all over the next two weeks.

Best wishes,

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Bailey and Miss Checkley (the Nursery Team)

Nursery Bags and Toys

To make our hometime process easier, please can we request that a small bag, with a change of clothes only, stays on the children's pegs in the boot room and doesn't come home daily.  These will only come home if they need replenishing.  Also, could all helmets be placed on the hooks at the top of the ramp for parents to collect once the children have been released down the ramp.

Please could we also send a reminder that if your child does want to bring a toy into Nursery (which they do not need to) that it is just one toy and it is small.  We do not have the space to store large toys or the opportunity in the day to play with them.  A small toy for Quiet Time would be ideal or a story to share. 

Both of these requests will help support us getting the children ready independently for home with very little adult support. :-)

Thanks, Mrs Mander

Nursery News ~ 13th March 2020

Happy Friendly Friday! Our favourite day!

Another fun week in the outdoors with a lot of mark making. We started the week by looking for marks around the Forest school and discovered boot prints in the rain, tool marks in the sand and animal prints in the gully (!) I wonder whether you can find some outdoor prints yourself this weekend. We then moved on to making marks by creating our own tool (whittling a stick) and dipped it in mud, shaving foam and paint. We even had a go at mark making with our fruit peelings – banana skin, apple peel – it was funny to see what marks these make! In the afternoon, Mrs Allen has taught us some new “team games” – Stuck in the Mud and Tails. It was funny to see your tails stuck on your waterproofs with masking tape!

Indoors our “schoolies” have begun a new Phonics topic – alliteration. We have been listening and practising how to correctly say our own sound and shown the action to match. Can you show your families this weekend your sound? Can you remember the sounds of your friends? We have also been dice crazy now we have learnt all about the numbers 1-6. We have matched our roll of the dice to numicon, number strings and the trickiest, number cards. For our younger children, you have been working on your Looking skills with Mrs Allen using the stop/go paddle. It was fun to hear you having to stop your nursery rhyme partway through if you were shown the STOP sign! You have also been learning about the word “behind” and enjoyed a game of Hide and Seek in the Forest where you had to find something to hide behind. We have all been singing and role playing Humpty Dumpty and thanks to Noah, have enjoyed our Dough Disco song of Shotgun.

Please do take time this weekend to catch up on all the correspondence from Mrs Moss on the parentapp as these changes will apply to Nursery as well as the rest of the school.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Flynn.