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Nursery News ~ 24th January 2020

Another week in the Forest has flown by and even more children have joined us and are settling well! :-)

Outdoors Mrs Allen has been showing us how we can use clay in our Outdoor Creative Area.  You have put your dough disco skills to the test to make clay bears and created your own individual clay patterned plates by using sticks and stones.  Lets just hope we can get these dry enough to send home now!  We have had fun playing Follow my Leader and this was put to good use this morning when we had a fire drill and had to follow the leader out of the cabin and into the playground.  We have shown our new friends how we can stack and transport the red and blue crates and you made an excellent bear cave for some bear friends.  A favourite outdoor activity this week was making jam sandwiches for a Teddy Picnic - yum yum!

In the cabin, we have been practising our new Listening Rule of "Staying Quiet" with the game of Chinese Whispers.  How funny it is to hear what you hear when one word is passed around the circle.  This is usually the hardest listening rule for children of 3 and 4 but it is so important in your journey to be "school ready" and allow your friends to talk and share their ideas.  In Maths you have blown us away with the "Show Me" game  of numbers from 1-5.  You are able to see, spot and show me these numbers in lots of different ways e.g. egg box style, dice pattern, tally and numicon.  During C&L we have been sharing our "Brown Bear" story and have enjoyed matching the toy animals to the animals in the story.  Have you sung the song with your family yet?  "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see.....".  Our Dough Disco has had us passing our hot dough from hand to hand with the song Hot Chocolate - can you remember the sign for Hot Chocolate?

It is our last week of the Bears topic next week and we then move on to lifecycles.  With two of our parents expecting babies in the next few months, we are taking the opportunity to talk about the human lifecycle.  Please could I request that a baby photograph of your little one is emailed to me for us to play some fun games with!

Early Years After School French class will be beginning after half term on a Wednesday.  Please see the attached flyer on the school website and if you want to join in, give the school office a call.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Flynn