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Nursery News ~ 5th February 2021

Hello my stripy friends!

We could not let our topic of “Families” pass us by without adding a classic dough disco song from 1979 (gosh I feel old!) We Are Family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwLjtilAZDQ.  I wonder whether the children could teach you the actions?  (hint: disco arms, sausage).  Dough disco gets us ready for handwriting and it is definitely paying off with the pieces of art you are creating.  Please do help support us by correcting quickly those incorrect grips – “use your fingers and not your hands”.  We have been strengthening up our arms, wrists, shoulders by scooting, sailing and skating around the cabin to Round We Go too.  Our Phonics has continued by passing the body sound around the oval and we shared one of our Nursery favourite songs – The Weather Song.  This song matches our body sounds to the sun, rain, wind, frost.  Can you remember and share which sound is for which?  In Music we have continued learning about pulse with a Call and Respond song of “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar”.  In the end, we discovered the answer was Mrs Allen!  A huge thank you for all those stripes this week (I know the message came a little late) – we have had fun spotting, making and using paints to create our personal stripy pattern.  Once they are dry, I shall steal a little of your pattern for your Learning Journeys and the rest will come home for you to share with your family.

Outdoors after lunch, we have continued with our C&L session talking about families and have been sharing stories about a family of elephants, The Large Family.  Our focus this week was a “Piece of Cake” and we have been practising the /L/ sound for their names, showing the difference between jogging and tiptoeing and today our very own Mrs Large helped us sort healthy and unhealthy foods (shhhh don’t tell her what we did when she wasn’t looking).  In Forest School, Mrs Allen has been showing you how to dress your stick families using wool.  You had a go at wrapping different coloured wool around sticks to give them a top and pair of bottoms.  You also enjoyed collecting materials to make a hotel for our family of bugs.  In the afternoons, you have been sharing Little Home Bird in the story area and have been practising your weaving with the ribbons in and out of the netting on the sandpit.  The challenge though was most definitely weaving a nest with bendy sticks – I am sure the birds that come and visit us will be happy with your finished product.

A message for parents – do you remember the photo transition booklets that were given to you to share with the children back in the summer 2020?  I have received a few back and was hoping you would be able to find and return the others as we have a new batch of friends who will need one this summer ready for September 2021.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – keep practising those body sounds with your tongue, lips and teeth!  You won’t realise it, but you are on the start of your reading journey……

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X