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Nursery News ~ 11th December 2020

Hello my Little Nativity Stars!

Unbelievable – one word to describe how well you did at the Early Years Nativity show on Wednesday.  It was the first time we have ever done a show with Reception and even Mrs Moss said how impressed she was with how well you sang, danced and sat still for some time.  The angels ensured they moved their bodies slowly, the shepherdesses took very good care of their sheep, the innkeepers did well to keep their headdresses on throughout the whole show and our travellers made it all the way to Bethlehem in those long outfits!  I cannot tell you how excited we are to watch the DVD next week – I hope your families are too.

To keep with our Christmas topic, we have been retelling the Nativity story using our Russian Doll characters.  I wonder how much of the story you can remember?  Can you remember Joseph’s job?  Can you remember the message Angel Gabriel gave to Mary?  Can you remember which animal helped Mary and Joseph travel such a long way?  Next week, I am hoping we may have some brave children who would take on the roles of our characters with our very own role-play!  In the cabin we have also been doing our daily Dough Disco to “Rudolph the Blue Nosed Reindeer” and our daily Write Dance to “Baby Shark” in preparation for “Santa Shark” next week – get ready grown-ups!

Outdoors, you have made the Forest School all Christmassy with the help of Mrs Allen.  You have enjoyed using the ribbons, tinsel and pegs to create a Christmas tree on the net of the sand.  You also enjoyed using rope and wool to create star shapes whilst sat around the Fire Circle.  In the afternoons, you have been busy with Miss Checkley creating your very own 2021 calendar.  These should have come home with you today in a brown envelope together with a special Christmas card.  I hope you can all recognise and talk about the four different trees to match each season.  We talk a lot about the seasons in Nursery as our birthday cupboards show us who is born in which season.  These help us all to see whose birthday is coming next and if we are ready to move on to the next season.  Our Autumn babies: Mrs Allen, Florence and Harry, have all had their birthday and so our season is now Winter.  Our Winter cupboard is by far the busiest with twelve friends being born during this season.  Happy Birthday to our first Winter baby Pippa this weekend.  I wonder if the baby growing in mummy’s tummy will come out on the same day? 

A message for the grownups, on Monday night we have our first Nursery Story Night.  The cabin will be decorated all Christmassy; we will share some Christmas stories, eat yummy biscuits and have a visit from a very special someone.  If your child is attending after school club on this day, please remember to send them in with their warm nightwear for changing into.  Mrs Moran has asked me to let you know they will be having a more substantial meal (not a scotch egg in sight!!!) and so will not need any dinner that evening. 

Have a lovely muddy weekend everyone – it seems to follow us everywhere we go!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X